I Just Wanted To Be At Peace With You.

But if I gotta settle for a piece of you....
I gotta say peace to you.

- Wale, true words, I'm diggin your mixtape.

You turn me on.

"what do you do besides being an R&B superstar in your spare time ?
- are you on drugs?
"I'm serious, what's your profession?"
- college.
"oh you're one of those.... huh?"
- yep, I'm a nerd. ciao.

story of the night. Can't wait for the weekend.

Joaquin Phoenix, your performance over the past two years has been legendary, can't wait to see your movie/documentary/mocumentary/film/whathaveyou.

you're gorgeous.

D. Escobar you're amazing.

this concept is cool, but I'm still creeped out by it, just sayin.

I'll bring the needles.

Robert T. I want these in my home so I can set up my kitchen table under them. Best concept I've seen in a while, reminds me of Alice and W.

MmMmmmmmmm Tie....

I love yo-yo's....and I have the biggest urge to walk the dog right now, and cats cradle. I used to be a yo-yo champ when I was younger. Duncans all day.

Bubble gum art?

your eyes.....

I wish this was real.

I love Cypress Hill.

Eva Mendes.

business attire I like it.

I wanna go swimming.

Ask Me Anything.

keep it raw.