Jennifer, Oh Kibbee.

What's goodie?

De La has been in my CD player all this week, and it ain't leavin.

Just for one night, baby, take me in vein
Now that feelin' got you trippin'
You no wanna feel no differently
Said lust has got you itchin'
Nose wide open and its' drippin'
I know what you like, I am your prescription
I'm your physician, I'm your addiction.
And I know.

I Know - Jay-Z

I've been so inspired lately, that I've taken on too many projects haha.

If you're wondering what a Sinfonia is, I'll save you the time of looking it up. It's a violin, yes I used to play, until I thought it'd be a good idea to switch to cello [imagine being not only the only metco kid to chose a wind instrument on the bus, but walking on a moving school bus with your lunch, backpack, and....cello. fun times mom, naht.] Anyways, I've decided to take up the violin again, except I don't want any help re-"learning", I'll just play it by ear <--- ha you like that one? As for the Technics, if you like hip-hop then you should know what the fuck those are, and for those who think it's all noise well they're turntables. Some of the best actually, I remember always eying them in Urban [outfitters] when I was kid, but of course I had no monies, so now that I do why the fuck not? I've always wanted to learn how to mix.DJ.spin.pitch it up.

Leather paint you ask? okay so I'll probably hold off on the leather paint for a while, but I've always wanted to sketch a design and then eventually paint them on sneakers, this growing whim has been in my noggin for about five years now, but I can't find anyone around here that sells the correct brand, and I'm too cheap to buy it off their website, dirty bastards.

Stationary- for letter writing of course! stamps <--- I like cool stamps, no I'm not dweeby enough to have a stamp collection, but I am dweeby enough to like the assortments. Pens, I love nice pens, ha that reminds me of pen fifteen, or for those who didn't have a childhood PENIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PENIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!flaccid!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had to. sorry. I love pens that write smoothly, I love liquid ink wells, but I also like ballpoints, no one really knows this but I'm super picky about writing utensils. When I was younger I used to cringe/lie/pretend I didn't here them, when people asked to borrow pens/pencils. I only write in black. and the occasional purple. I hate blue ink.

Aprt. well...I'm just looking for now, but the time is drawing nearerer. I want.need.desire.strive.will. to move out within the next few years? So for now I'm gunna find a price range and start saving for that.

'Tending license. BARtending. I want to become one. that is all.

DSLR: I'm not sure if I'm going to buy one, I think I enjoy the idea of using one more that actually owning one. Fancy cameras always seem to have magnets in them, cuz I can't get away.

Paint Markers/canvas/spraypaint. I wanna paint something for my room!

- sketchpad! I gotta start again, this whole no creative thing at school is approaching and it ain't gunna go down this year. nuh uh, no way. Mostly still life, that and brainstorming shirt designs for a potential line, store front ideas, store logos, blueprints?

Haze. <--- a pair that I've been looking for, they're on the list so they're strizzzzz <--- Rob E Lee original. I keep telling myself to stop buying them, but the kid in me can't help it. gimmegimmegimme.

hoarders, I know someones with a problem, yes plural.

Instamatic camera, I wish they still made Polaroid film, I guess Fuji will have to do.

Sandals! well I don't need them per say, but I'd like a couple other pairs.

I made this sophomore year, it was an assignment focused on a famous artist from previous centuries.
I chose this, I take my hat off to those who actually know who the artist is:

It's a wonderful day, go outside!


The free concert was magnificent. except for all the coppahs around.
Ryan was nothing less than superb.
Wiz was great too, except for the part where he pussied out for about twenty minutes.


That's mostly it that's been going on with me.

don't forget to write.send.mail.steal. letters! kidding on the last one, it's a federal offense....apparently -_-

I'll post videos, when I get a chance!!!


brace yourself.
raygun dildos? wtf right, how does one even use said object, not that I'm tryin to, just axin.

this would have been useful all those time we bought wine and blew a gasket when it came to opening it. many broken keys, and glass shards later I've invested in a swiss army knife, again. I lost my swiss army card years ago and promised myself to not buy another one until I was older and more responsible, I'm older, does that count?

best thing I ever lost:

word. Space Invaders is the business.

this mug would have been useful last night after we baked cookies, I feel bad for the cookie for always breaking it in half. Now I won't have to!

yum, I need a new pair.

haha that last one reminds me.

If I drank water, I'd buy this. Maybe I'll buy it to keep iced tea....

threadless never let's me down. I'll take it in tshirt form though.

This watch needs to be on my wrist, except in black. It has a hidden touch screen that shows the time when you swipe your finger across it.

mindfuck. The ink is erasable for about three days then it turns uber permanent and you can never erase it again!!!!! Kidding, I'm sure you probably could if you tried. I'll test it once I buy a pack. They hit stores in september.

yeah, maybe if the party was set in the desert. neat idea though, I'd love to see the looks on peoples faces if/when I show up with one of these bad boys on.

wonderful idea. truly.

cute, despite the fact that I hate docs. both uments and martens.

it took me a few seconds to realize the letters. hats off to you sir. D. Ghetti you have too much stuff on your hands. literally, you have graphite all over them.


Simon Hennessey. hyper realist paintings.

this is the same guy that made the junk dunk. Gabriel!

I'm sure you've seen it by now.
no one man woman should have....

I really like the store location.


JJones I think these were made for you.

I love Krink.

I love the guy from the commercials, but I like these bottles better, thanks KAWS.

Rucksacks always proved to screw me over, because I end up putting everything I own in my bag and when it comes to finding something, I have to dump errthang out -_- but this one looks amazing.

allblackeverything. Nike , Jay-Z, Air Force One.

he turned it into an auction/charity via eBay.

I think I might buy one, they're only a jackson, and I love the concept, it depends on the size though. Deuces!!!!!!!! They're waterproof too. get em here

Since I'll be in China anyway.
Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Relationships are like sand. The more you try to save it the tighter you grip, until you end up with nothing. Open palms are key.

I've been trying for years, shit ain't gonna happen.

not sure what the scent smells like but I'm already drawn in by the bottles.

neurobiology, I took it in high school and for our project Kim Possible and I chose gastronomy, so if I decide that business isn't for me, I'm becoming a gastronomist?
"Gastronomy is the study of the relationship between culture and food. It is often thought erroneously that the term gastronomy refers exclusively to the art of cooking"

I'm wit it

Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking

this commercial is mahvelous.
who's eatin' hummus?!

kicks of the day?
Tiffany SB Dunk. There's apparently less than four thousand pairs in the world and I guess I feel lucky enough to own a pair in my size. They were new when I bought them.

keep it raw.