Cantaloupe, that is.
hehe I'm eating it right now and it's delish-ious.refreshing.orange.cold.

too much self reflection, and you will meet your demise. idk I feel like I've been thinking toooo much lately, and my head is starting to hurt. I need a vacation. Haven't really been on one in a while and I just need a break from it all.


Guns.guns.guns. By Guido <--- haha still can't get over that mp5.
I luh mah two glocks, I luhdah bus' shots, buhchyou dun hear me tho'

desert eagle, a personal favorite.

ak47, although I prefer the m4a1

S. Dali museum?! I'm wit it.

Anarchy Eyewear! I haven't found a place in The Town that carries this brand yet, or maybe I just haven't been looking. So if you get a chance check em out.

Tits for Boobs. great concept. they're tree dollah, you pay now! you take some money you go here. They help support the search towards finding a cure for breast cancer.

I wish these speakers didn't cost thirteen hundred washingtons.
It's the Aerosystem dock. Member in the Italian Job when Lyle wanted speakers so big, that they would blow a woman's clothes off? well these aren't it, but I'm sure they come close.

Not really a fan of the song but here's the video!


I wanted to go to size? on the way to Espana, but apparently there wasn't enough time for me to leave the airport and go before the next flight -_-
anywho here's their collab. Size? London based store.

I've been listening to this song for a few weeks now. So know who you fuckin' wit.
funny thing is I love going to my Grandparents house to drink Kool-Aid, cuz my mom won't allow it here "no nutritional value" my ass, and we don't have any of those cool Mason jars.

Slamxhype against the world.

Love these: How to be friends with an Introvert.

3. Realize that they do want to be alone sometimes.

They may have gone to that party, and even enjoyed it, but they burn out faster than you and need time to recharge alone. The assumption that all introverts are shy really bugs me. This is not always the case. They can be charming, tell jokes, and generally be the life of the party…but for a limited time only.

4. Skip the small talk.

Introverts are reflective beings and enjoy conversations about feelings and debating things like the ontological argument, and whatever interests they have. They can only tolerate chitchat with people they just met or haven’t seen for awhile. If you must tell them your entire jam-packed weekend in detail, check your inny friend for signs of consciousness periodically.

5. Introverts don’t hate people.

They just find them tiring.

6. Introverts are socially aware.

Yes, we are well-versed in social nuances, customs, and mannerisms; we just don’t implement them as frequently as extroverts do.

The one on the left. only.

aww those are really cute (:

can't wait for Sunday.

and for this....finally

It's Friday, so you know what that means.

kidding. sorta.

I've always wanted to do this.

I can't remember if I posted these already, but I love them.

I'm prepared for the last stage.


Agreed. Tis why I has no money for dem.

Water and Oil shoot?

these ads are fucking stupendous.

I need one of these, not that I really clean things with spray bottles, but I do find it annoying when I do clean and the angle won't allow the liquid to come out -_- bastards.

THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna dance to this. okay not really but it's worth a shot. I wish he would stfu.

I wanna be a RPS champion.

Theo M. you have a brilliant mind.

I need this sofa in my life.


I'm diggin the comforter.

sooo cool!

Cyglo. If only I knew where the hell my bike was. How does one lose a bike, as my mom.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't have the heart to eat these.

But I would have the heart to put this on my car.

thank God someone sees me.

best loft, ever.

I'm moving to China. Where they'll have buses that you can drive under.

this makes me smile.

ew, baby spiders.

Tommy A.

Pretty Boy Swag....stfu Soulja Boy you sound like Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle.

Assault Sniper Rifle? I hope they make a fps [first person shooter] game with this. oh wait? Counter-Strike (o:3


face distorting jewelry ? no thanks.

You should know by now that I'm infatuated by surf photos. S. Gibson

this is far too much.

this is insane. I just deactivated mine.