Love Is Friendship, On Fire.

I'm obsessed with Joe.

fanfuckingtastic. haha I love this episode.

word cuz. screw that guy.

hahahah, those commercials are hilarious to begin with let alone with this added.

oh hello, I just have one request, come to my house. that is all.

I love doing this :), play fighting in the middle of the street, probably to the point where it's borderline dangerous.

haha poor turtle.

I watched the video the other day...this dude is too funny

amazing. I don't have the patience to do stuff like this on the computer.

LMFAO. yeah I know I keep posting GIFs but these are too funny.

it'd better be the best book ever.

harsh much?

cross. properly done anyway.

I hate bubblegum flavored anything, why would this be any different.

God, they're sexy.

not to mention I want to reenact this scene one day, shooting and all.

shit looks ill.

I love guys in sweats. Especially this guy.

Kristen/Kayla, this is what I was talking about when I said the guy was eating off of his iTampon.

dude I wanna go get a Coke really bad now, if you can figure out how to get up there it gives you two for the price of one!

Radii, I only like this pair. Sorry
Radii Footwear.

hehe silly ghost.

there's an app for that? apparently there's also a device that allows you to use your iPhone to play Nintendo games.

kickass design.

I wish I lived in Seattle... okay so it's only because I want this tote bag, so what?

Guido M., aside from the fact that your name is Guido, I love your artwork.

this one reminds me of Dueling Dragons, I wanna go to Universal Studios pretty badly.



Slow motion soda explosion from David Coiffier on Vimeo.

I want this puzzle. You'll see why at the end.

finally someone did this!
they're only eight bucks...

kickass watercraft.

who's down for a sleepover? I've got plenty of room.

I can barely deal with two wheels....

I'm kinda obsessed with zipper art.

Haven't been doing much of anything lately. Just hanging with cool peoples and enjoying the summer while I can.

clearly I keep failing at posting these.
Sea Crystals. I searched for the longest time for these bad boys, they're one of my favorite pairs of high tops. They're suede btw.

That's about it for now.

keep it raw.