Is AMAZING, I'm drinking a glass with ice right now, and if that makes me an old white man, well so be it.

Day 05- A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life

No need to drag it on, short and to the point....

Harry Lee,
You've taught me to be patient, to be a stronger person, to do the right thing, and fear no one. Most importantly, you showed me that hard work is decent work, no matter the task, give your all. I wish you were here to teach me more, but I'll see you shortly, I love you.

this is why he's one of my favorites


YOU sir, are a genius. please tell me you know who he is.

I wish I was going.... I guess it's never too late, maybe I'll take a drive down.

do me.

I'm not that good at this game but I applaud those who are? looks legit.

I think slim wallets are wonderful. The inside color of this is great. Good job Benny G.

I'm starting to re-think buying turntables.....

psh naaah, I'd rather use em'. Plus how am I gunna play my records?

too legit to quit.


your jacket intrigues me, not sure if I'd wear it though.

I'm all for these. I love The Simpsons, I once thought it'd be possible to own every episode, I stopped buying the seasons though, there's far to friggen many.

cool bong? apparently it's a nut crusher haha, yeah it uses gravity to crush them. who knew?

this keyboard is sexy. too bad the price tag isn't gunna be. Razor lower your prices mate.

reason one for going to Tokyo....this game. Objective: to pull the table cloth from the dishes without letting them fall. I've always wanted to try this in real life, but my mom won't allow it.

this camera looks amazing.

nice trike.

hehe. props.

fun fact about my childhood, I used to collect comic books. yep I was that cool.

number twelve please.

you guys have waaaay too much time on your hands. They've made an inflatable whale out of....garbage bags.....

love this. plus I always forget Robert's super ahead of us.

check out the time here <-----

beruit tournament. Apparently everyone calls it beer pong/pong in college. I'm sorry to say that it's true. I say ruit, whatevah kehd. fix yo shit kid.

how do superheroes get their powers? ....well that helped. I want these posters for my room, they're so cute (:

love this. now, make a bean one!

NYC ^^^^

great. enough said.

dude, look how cool this is! If I had a restaurant I'd use them errday.

I'd buy this, and go to a different city every weekday. ::sigh::

a well spent five minutes.

check him out, he's great!
this is really helpful.

I love miniatures. I think the fact that everything is so small is mindblowing. And the fact that these involve violence, is great.

this place looks neat-o, I'd love to try it.... *hint hint*

yep it's official, going to NY, I must try this at once!



we used to buy these for Lee's I liked them ! J. Bottom.

I'm from Boston...


if only this combo wasn't 5000...... lbs. the bike folds down and fits into that bag!

nice ride.

this Aston costs nearly ten million dollars.....unnecessary at it's best

just got back from the beach. It's perfect baseball weather right now.
I'd be down to play some tennis but my right arm is on the verge of falling off as we speak/you read.

It's Friday suckas!!

keep it raw.