Tell Me What You Want From Me.

Take a look at what you see,
Let me know if this right here,
Is something you can have for years.

People should really wake the fuck up, and realize that life doesn't stop.
It's all about timing, where you are, when you are, how you are,

I'm how I was a year ago, and there's probably no changing that.
How you are now, there's probably no changing that either.
Expecting people to change is like waiting for the world to end,
it has to happen when they're/it's good and ready.
And asking it to it do it for you is suicide.homicide.murder.

I know that now, and I'm sorry.

Inception is marvelous, wanna know what I think about it?
ask me what I think his totem is.

until next time.

we're all right, we're all alright, hello Wisconsin Boston.

to the guy across the street from my place of employment, I'm at a loss for words.

Ryan you are amazing.

keep it raw son.

you make your own reality.