I Dare You.

to do anything really, dares are great. (o:3
and if you disagree well, your argument is invalid -carecup empty.

my arms are about to fall off:
"you sure you want all of these shots today?"
- sure why not?
....I now know why the fuck not.

but you're not. therefore I won't anymore, simple logic is quite wonderful really.

whoever thought of selling these for a dollar gets 289137892713 props from me.

I wonder how this tastes....my cousin just got back from Harry Potter world actually I hope she brought back cool stuffs.


askaskask away.

true that. I'll accept Sierra Mist though....even though it is NOT the fucking same.

I wish I could......

fuck yeah I know exactly how this feels, don't even try to deny that this hasn't happened to you hahaha, shit is ill.

Bell and Ross Vintage Collection.
It comes in Black and Silver, but they're both alligator bands... I'll take both, thxkbye.

Supra Boots!

Alright Starbucks stop trying to flirt with me, it's not gunna happen. Although I do admit, they look mighty yummy.
Chinese Mooncakes x Starfucks.

I'd so eat those in the dark

illllll fucking concept.

tee hee.

I'm buying an xbox, because my PlayStation has been out of commission for quite some time.
cannot wait to play this game.

ze OG Italian Stallion haha

I love this picture, then a part of me starts to feel bad for the mouse, sike.

you guys know I love photos of water, more specifically waves.

I was going through some old threads, haha they bring back memories. Mikey will take it from the start.

For a girl you’re right you got a nice flow
but after this verse you’ll want me no mo’
in this relationship im the pimp, ur the hoe
I’m ready for a battle, strap up lets go!
I got a few problems with some of ur lines
They made as much noise as those dumbass mimes
Predictable like the smell of pine around christmas time
But I didn’t expect much, don’t worry its fine
I’ll play you like the wind plays a chime
the way the english language adjusts to my rhyme
You’ll do what I say till the end of time
You agreed to this battle so now your all mine
You think this battle is gonna be too easy?
I don’t know who you are but u aint lil weezy
I guess I could count you as one of the same
but his rhymes are ill, urs are just lame
varsity soccer on the mic will surely represent
you should give up rapping as if its always lent
your insults didn’t hurt, they didn’t even make a dent
beating you will take zero energy spent
but lets bring it back to that slap chop reference
Never hearing that line would be my ultimate preference
I guess you watch a little too much tv
need a friend? foreit this battle and come see me
But I don’t think that’s gonna happen
this thread will be historical
Do you really think you can win?
Don’t answer bitch its rhetorical

If they didn’t make a dent, allow me to try harder,
You seem a little Obsessed, Ali Larter,
Fuck a Carter, bitch, don’t compare me to Wayne,
Fuck that grill wearin’-short-ass,-constantly high-no name.
Refrain, from thinking you run shit this ,ain’t cha lot
You think you got game, negative, you’ve got jack squat,
My similes stay taught, while yours’ constantly sag
I’ll slow it to a snail’s pace for ya , while you lag.
Got Beef son? You better grill it up and eat it,
You know I leave you utterly defeated, rhymes depleted.
What’s that shit about lent, I’s keeps it kosher!,
You’re a little too pale for this, underexposure.
Say what?, Verses TOO long for YOU to handle?
Please, I want you to cry more, while I dismantle.
Rhetorical? Really?, Where’s your etiquette?,
Your mind’s like a fragment that has no predicate.
Everything you say plays like a rerun, point blank,
I know you’re not movin’, my revolver’s on stun.
I’ve only begun, what stupid shit is next?
I piss excellence while you sit there perplexed,
You’re smudged, and I’m streak-free, like Windex.
re-read the text in a vex,
is how I’ll leave you,
everyone knows my terminology be lethal ,
with my metaphors, skills are what I’ll bequeath you
in the ring I pick Frazier, YOU can be Ali,
I’ll bring it back to ’67 so, au contraire mon ami.
You say my flow’s predictable,
Your end result is pre-determined,
with rhymes like maggots your lyrical vermin.
My sermon, is, nothing you’ll forget,
Take a minute and a sec. to recollect….
Let me lyrically connect,
to your neurological pathways cuz I NEED to inspect,
The bullshit spewing out, cuz it’s unclear what you reflect.
Reason being why I watch "so" much TV,
is to me, sleep is for the weak-hearted,
And as for you maybe fuck ya self, like Damon you’re Departed.

Together all the time
Thought it was true love, but you know women lie
Its like I sent my love with a text two times
Call cause I care but I ain't get no reply
Tryna' see eye to eye but it's like we both blind
Fuck it lets hit the club, I rarely sip but pour me some
Cause when it's all said and done,
I ain't gonna be the one that she can always run to
I hate liars, fuck love I'm tired of tryin'
My heart big but it beat quiet.


keep it raw peoples.