So Hungry.

You have no idea. about to go home, no bull.

shit, it's only Monday.....why?

Why do I keep making the same mistakes? Oh wait. haha trust and believe that I won't make them again, starting now.

I've never tried these, I also don't think I ever will, but for some reason this looks really good right now.

makin' up a few false rumors or two...
back when she was cool/relevant.

nice collection. I might have to borrow a few of those, for school purposes only of course.


why so serious huh?

Day 24- Something you did as a child that other people remember you for.

I wore my hair in a bun.

then of course this....


If I ever decided to get a tattoo, I would definitely get it in ink like this.

yes please.

well my friend, because not only do people suck, but wait, that's actually it.

these shirts are great, size small please.

If someone made me that for my birthday, I would do whatever they asked.

yes I have broken a mirror, no I have not don't drugs off the shards of said mirror, no I do not believe in luck [for the most part]

favorite animal right here.

change that to a chupa-chup and minus the blow and we're straight.

get me two purrs, I need two purrs.

the Nike shoe box for holding all this cash, I wish I was cool enough scratch that, I wish I had enough cash to put in a shoe box. I mean I could, but it'd be in all ones, lezbihonest.

I think they should sell all their cans like this.

nice concept there bud.

whatcha sippin' on homie?

I'm really attracted to this photo for some reason.

too funny.

can't believe I'm posting this but,
Nicki Minaj for COMPLEX mag.

so cute (o:3 I want theseses for my rooms!



story of my life this summer?

it's weird how much this looks like someone I know.....and he would say that too.

my thoughts exactly. greatest movie of all time my fucking ass.

I need these.


dark humor is great

it's a wonderful smell really, it smells fresh, clean, new, well unless it's acid rain....

four hours, every single time haha, until my computer shuts down by itself.


I would like to have these gloves in my possession for the winter time.

I lovelovelove doing this on the train.

meh, it's all good, but honestly just don't respond [if you plan on responding 189371823 hours later] I no longer give a fuck, nor do I remember.

yep, everyone is usually fucked once someone finds out too, it's quite hilarious when you think of it.


I love this movie.

best game ever.

I wonder.

keep it raw.