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I can't believe this year is already starting. -_- really not ready for classes right now, but I don't really have a choice do I?

Currently watching 21, you know, getting a few pointers <--- psh please, as if I'm a math whiz. His dorm room doesn't look that much bigger than mine now that I look at it haha, I mean it's small but I'm dealing. I have a ton of privacy, if that helps any, but I need stuffs to put on the walls, this whole all white everything, has gotsta go. Enjoy! [the weather, it's magnificent out, I wanna go for a walk (o:3] DQ Vodka? <--- never again. But their bottle look clean, I really like the futuristic design.

Supra! Fall '10
I guess I like the grey ones... not really a fan of Supras though.

Scott Wade you are a filthy genius, literally.

World's largest swimming pool anyone?
it's 20 acres. 115 ft deep end. and it holds 66 million gallons of water, shit is diesel.

I want the Homer one (o:3 and of course the Iron Man one and the Halo one

I wish I knew how to surf.

In all honesty I wish I had a droid instead, but Steve owns my soul.

apparently these are the best Dunks of all time, well 50 of them anyway. I only posted a few.

I want a pair of these so badly.

here's a few laughs:

don't feel like reading, just watch this

I just saw an ad for GTA: Chinatown Wars......wtbs?

so cute

Parallel Parking from Yum Yum London on Vimeo.

Day 16- Something that you want to do within the next five years.

Get a real job. paid. ;) kidding, sorta.
Get a car.
Get an apartment.

NADAL YOU'RE A BEAST, that is all.

keep it raw.