Alka Seltzer.

I need some. But Walgreens is far too far away at this moment in time.

Hope everyone's enjoying the day, whether you have it off or not.
All I can say to this is damn Kristen, goin' hard.  

Kristen Maria says thanks, Columbus, for setting in motion the events that got me here today. My people were murdered, enslaved, stripped of their culture, persecuted, marginalized and disenfranchised. I could go on, but I'm sure you're busy enjoying your day off.

I'm glad I was a part of the first event! Much appreciation to all those who came out and showed support (o:3

Lee get workin' on that self portrait.

not sure who this kid is, but I really like his expression.


the middle line by yours truly. 

great shirt.


sorry for sporadic updating, I'm sick, trying to focus on breathing.