Curve Ball.

It's like no matter how prepared you are for them, no matter how much you practice, no matter how much your train for them. Once they get to you, you're fucked. Everything you just practiced for goes out the window.

That's how I feel sometimes. As much as I wanna give it another chance, as much as I wanna let you in. I'm not convinced yet. And I want to, badly, but that little voice that remembers the last time, how it ended, everything. The past is over and done with, and I try my best to not compare. I really hope eventually comes sooner than later, that it's for real. I miss things and how they used to be. You making sure everyone knew it was just me, just me.

err......I guess...

I would really like to go swimming right about now. Preferably in this wave.

I don't eat my mangoes like this, but this looks dee-lish.

Zach Galifianakis you're hilarious.

keep it raw.