We're All Chess Pieces.

Mr. Zags I believe it's your move.

I love snail mail. I think that people should send more letters (o:3. There's something about getting an actual piece of paper with words written down, that for some reason, excites the shit outta me.

this guy is the man, he takes pictures of popping water balloons with his thooper rad high speed pro-cam. and he does most of it in ze dahk to get a really awesome effect. his name you ask? I forget.

this statement might hold some truth

one of my favorite albums, and I'm proud to say that it's signed by the artist, twice.

this is true for a few people, it's all good though, you get what you put in to life.



agreed, either you're with me or you're not. if you have "better" things to do, do them, shiet, I am not stopping you.

RACIST! haha ikeed.

too funny.

strangely enough, I wanna go to this, anyone down?

such a cool set.

Thank You. Don't Come Again.
new mac book airless.

kickass swimsuit. I love StarWars.

Audi Quattro, do me.

I know it's just a concept, but please do something about the seemingly less attractiveness of the sideview, gratzi.

papercutouts. B. Lee
just when I thought my paper snowflakes were getting good...

P.S. for people who refer to themselves in the third person, please go play in traffic, that is all.

keep it raw.