As It Winds Down.

This year is coming to an end pretty quickly.

It's true, things a year ago were quite different, for many reasons indeed. This year has been good too, filled with things I didn't expect,  I know it's not New Years, but I'm another year older right? Just some public self-reflection fo yo ass.

You might be an Ace, but I deserve to be treated like a Queen.
Fuck everything in between, there's nothing but Hearts.
And even though we are apart, it's nothing but yards.
You might be folding, but I'm holding my cards.
I hope you know you're my favorite suit.

Your my latest, and my greatest.
My latest, my greatest.

No need to take another puff
Cuz your love's got me high enough.

Babygirl, I can't pretend
Your love got me high - on ten
We mix like juice n' gin
Do or Die. 
We at it again.

haha I wish I had seen this earlier in the day when I got splashed by a car. Would have made the situation a lot funnier, for both parties.

damn fiddy it's like that?!

idk why I find this to be mildly hilarious.


nice pen.

  But I'll shave it for later. <--- see what I did there.

 November Nineteenth kid, I'm ready.

I have the strange urge to wash my hands....

such a waste, creative, but the previous statement still holds true.

I'm usually not a fan of octopus stuff, but this one is pretty awesome not even gunna lie.

this gets me every time.

 Jam S. for N.E.R.D.

Crooks & Castles 2010 Holiday

favorite: are you on, seriously whatever it is gimme some.

JB, thank you for doing something right. Spring '11, I'm waiting on your arrival.

Really diggin' the simplicity. undefeated

nice bum where you from?

Tom Martin, stop making such hyper-realistic art with your medium (oil paints). It's unreal, and it's blowing my brain cells to smithereens. 

Peter Kemp, not sure how I feel but I kinda like it.

Johnny Cupcakes, cooking some more stuff up.

Supreme. Fall/Winter 2011 feat. Vanessa V--SomethingICan'tRemember.

I should really invest in these [for when I wear heels, which is probably twice every eon]. They're protectors for when you're walking out in evil unlevel places aka BOSTON. Because idk apparently it's a part of the culture here, being able to dodge road imperfections both in a car and while on foot.

almost believable Diddy, almost hahaha

ouch pacman.

not enough cake?

I'm sure we'll see this on Gaga soon enough.

I'm on a boat. A paper boat that is. When I was little I always used to make paper boats and sail them down the street outside Lee's, that's probably why I love rain so much. Rain+paper+incline = fun.

I really like your dress Faith.

"Why do I get the girl gun?", pshhh give me the girl gun, I got this motherlover right hea'

haha this initially looks like a good idea right?


workin' for the man

Going to drop an astroid? Use the force.

I know what I want need for Christmas <--- seeing as stores aren't kidding with the aggressive advertisement. This will stop that forever-annoying beeping when someone doesn't have their seat belt on in my car, or when I put anything that doesn't weigh more than a phone in the passenger seat.


  I went fake rock climbing last night for the first time in apparently two years, according to Metro Rock. Not only does it hurt to wave, but people were starting to ask me if I was alright when it took me about a minute to open every door today.
Maybe I should invest in these mugs...

such a good idea.

dude this alarm clock runs on water, AYTCH TWO OH! 

I need this in my life. Rechargeable wireless speakers that transmit your music up to a hundred some-odd feet away.

ingenious, really. 

what kinda doors do you want when you grow up? definitely something my parents should have asked me.

 errr....creative phail. It's a billboard made of cheese, what it has to do with the interwebs I'm still trying to figure out.

whatever's clever. cool^2

USB powered fish tank! I shall get this for my desk one day.

I need to swap my controller out for this one.

This Monopoly set is worth two million. And gold just keeps going up.upupup.

Wish I could see through
See deep into you
And know what you're thinking now
And if I'm what you needing
I need some kind of sign
Let me know cuz I can't read your mind

Are you in?
Or am I in this on my own?
I need some clue from you
Let me know babe

 keep it raw.