Say I'm Yours.

 I hope you guys have done your shopping, cuz I sure haven't ha!
I really only want a few things, and I plan on getting them at some point, I really don't know what to get other people... I feel like everyone already has everything they want. Not really a fan of this holiday anymore to be brutally honest. Our family traditions have kind of diluted if you will. I can always count on my grandparents for dinner though, I really wish that would be here forever.

Day 17 - Your highs and lows of this past year.
Let's see.
Highs: Becoming a stronger person, getting to know myself even more, know what I like and what I dislike. Focusing on qualities that I find worthwhile. Focusing on the future a little bit more [school] actually isn't all that bad haha, I almost forgot how much I actually enjoy school.
- Vegas
- probably other things as well, that I can't remember.
- the time that we were together and well.

not too too many actually. It's been a pretty good year. The only thing I'd say is not doing as well as I would have hoped in the beginning.
- not taking advantage of every opportunity presented.

I hope you all caught this last night

Never trust nobody.

This is a great photo. James and Josh please do me.

mango is the best flavor, then strawberry, then everything else.

I knew you were going to be attractive ever since 3rd Rock From the Sun

these necklaces are ill, if only I had ze monies...
Phantom or Aqua Aura 

take me to

back to the bay. Because this cold is not for me. [well not all the time anyway]

I don't even smoke, but they look so damn appealing and classy in that glass...If I did smoke, I'd put em' there as well.


you musn't be afraid to dahling.

 add this to the list of things I don't need but want.
emoticon rubber stamp. 2000+ combos!

hahaha love this.

anatomy of gadgets! I want that turntable extremely bad. I think that's the first thing I'll buy on my list. Funny how it's followed by a SLR.

If you guys missed it here it is! although you should have seen it in person. amazing

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse from William Castleman on Vimeo.

I just pre-ordered mine and a couple for my cousins for Christmas. It's made from stainless steel and it folds into a card size, there is a SANTA!

haha for a G you can look like one in this all down suit.
summit.summit.summit, if you can't tell I want to go skiing, terrifuckingbadly. I haven't gone in over 5 years and well yeah...that's it. Snowboarding is for tools...[I'm just saying that because I can't do it (o:3]

Olly Moss this is great. Please reimage more posters.

that'd be nice (:

going to buy this for the phone as well, I need to stop accepting credit card offers....
IT'S LIKE FREE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 fuck I just saw this one..

 all dat ass, in them jeans, can...

let's go sledding!
Porsche X mychildhood.wouldhavebeenimproved.

 I am a zombie so my spouse would have to say this.

err I guess..

the fact that this is what I do with every paper and I'm in the fifteenth grade is hilarious.

I know this is really emo but I've always wanted to pull some Huck Finn shit and do this. idk I think it'd be cool for idk about three hours.

I love New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not a fan of that many holidays probably
mother's day, father's day, thanksgiving, christmas, cupcake day. The reason I love New Years so much is because it's not so much of a holiday as it is an annual shared moment where everyone [in my opinion] is sharing the same experience more or less. No matter your race/religion/sex time is starting a new and we can all take part. That's why I love it (o:3

she said she want some Marvin Gaye.

this is great.

to avoid embarrassment.

Minka Kelly! me likey her.


too much sex appeal. ALEXANDER DO ME.


I'm smiling so much right now.

what a beautiful rock.

the purple and blue one please.

gossip gossip.

I think you need to shave yours and man up.

clearly the wrong decision, blue is better.


I'll have to try this out.

Fuck you Prof. Chin. that is all.

keep it raw.