Grey Matter.

Ello, aloha! Haven't been in the mood so I took a mini break from technology, and by technology I mean here.

A few questions have been streaming across my mind every so often, well I'm not sure if they're question, when they're more like thoughts really.
- how do you function in grey areas when it comes to relationships? are there boundaries? some sort of unspoken rules that we're not aware of? what exactly is technical in this area, so blurred we don't know where one line ends, and the next edge begins....

I'll do some digging, and I'll keep you guys posted! Not to mention, I'm gunna invest in some video editing software soon, so expect some improvements (o:3

haha my friend finally uploaded a few stills from all hallows, I know they're old, kindly fuckoff.

and of course fishbowls and beer.

this kinda turns me on, and by kinda, I mean it does. True Blood, return asapnowza.

I bought this recently actually.

currently eating this: quesadilla! [chicken, avocado, tomato]


my cousin taught me well, Happy early twentieth Robert E. Lee, I miss you, see you in March!

this is jwoww's sister.....I hope they're real, cuz she's smokin'

 perfect amount of exposure.

the depiction of the amount of shit that gets spread around is on target.

this movie was great, random I know.

 this one too, not to mention my best friend at the time and I heard a chainsaw directly as the credits were rolling.

probably because of the colorway of your shirt, tool.

I love my city.

such a fine specimen of man.


welp, that's what you get for being a hipster. if you're squeamish don't look, although it's far too late.

I kinda like these, good job Supra.



I was the shit at this game, get at me.

this is great.

kisses in the right places, are amazing.

cookie crisp was/is great, but I really miss French Toast Crunch, and oh yeah, my childhood.

illnasty. I want this on my wall.

I would really appreciate it if the whereabouts of this ring were known to me.

apparently it's snowing again this week

been watching this for two minutes, sober.

I know yesterday [barely] was MLK day, but I'm late to everything get used to it.

these kids dance better than most grown men I know, and by grown men I mean boys.

Marshall for XXL

reasons why men saw this movie.

things getting a little too hot down there? no worries, I gotchu.

hehe what a playful take on Mondrian's work.

tonight we dine in hell.

Art Stage in Singapore, truly amazing.

Damn...King Robbo taking a stab at Banksy. I personally prefer Banksy, sue me.
"Banksy’s not radical he’s just a toy with a PR team. What he promotes is tacky, mass-produced shit that provokes a reaction to make himself money."

I'm ordering copies. Pop Africana 

Getting this as soon as it comes out in May. [Gaga I'll applaud you this one time]
Polaroid Grey Label Printer <--- gives you the option of printing photos old school style!!

holy fuck. This is by far the best thing I've seen all day/night/evening/morning/afternoon.
Soundwagon allows you to listen to vinyl virtually anywhere, how fucking cool is that?!??!

just bought this.

I knew science was good for something.
"Johann Gottlob Leidenfrost discovered that when water hits a mass much hotter than 100°C, a small cushion of vapour forms around it, isolating the droplet from the hot surface and disallowing it to evaporate.  At a scorching 190°C, the water droplet survives for several moments before evaporating."

hehe, if you don't know who all of these are, shoot yourself.

Thank you, cum again. see what I did there.


couldn't have said it better myself.

haha this is a joke right?

Vans Syndicate x Tommy Gurrero

notice, there aren't thirteen signs, ya douche bags. Born a Scorpio, die a Scorpio. Thank you J. Fish

Salvador Dali Museum opens in Florida. Breathtaking.

this one is for you.

what a great looking home bar. I prefer stainless steel everything, can't wait to have my own kitchen.

Hyundai Veloster, if you're gunna get one, it might as well be this one, in black preferably, and in stick.

Sony isn't having it Casio, take a look at their new Handycam. It can shoot in 3D, better for something that costs over a g.

I just came. This is what I would like for Christmas.Birthday...shit those already passed.
Note to self : buy when funds allow.

don't know a diddly about video games? watch this please, for the sake of the nation.

tee hee these photo hangers are so cute! (o:3

great concept James B. but how do you plan on taking that off?

gunna go do this right now.

keep it raw.