Mind Stimulation.

Was brought up recently, and it just dawned on me how important that comment was/is to me and in my opinion to every one.everyone.

It's weird-- the mind. I feel like it's this constant creativity creator, talk about alliteration, yet we train ourselves to tone it down, to operate in a specific manner only during certain time frames, we train it to filter certain shit out and let certain stuff in.

for instance, the constant questioning of things or the constant silence of it all, is ignorance bliss? or suicide? stuffs like this are continuously popping into my head I usually ignore most of them or put them in the save for later file which is yuge.

maybe I'm just crazy <--- probably this one. idk where I'm going with this, it was something along the lines of I try to see the best in everyone until they prove me to begin to see otherwise? but not to confuse this with blindness? gah the wording of this is raw right now because I haven't quite formulated it the way I want it to sound at its "finished product" state, but since I'm trying to get this [what your reading] a touch more personal, I thought I'd give it a go.

I'll put it in bullets for now:
- say what the fuck you believe, even if it involves some trickery, because ain't everything seeming like what it should <--- mad good ingrish yo.
- do what you love, seriously, and do the living shit out of it. I just watched the Craigslist killer tonight and although what he "loved" doing led to some fucked up shit, I think this movie gave me the weirdest feeling I have ever felt for someone who does stuff like that [the whole sexual predator thing] I actually understood why he did all of those things. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about this dude pretty much had everything lined up in life, top of his class as a BU med student, gorgeous bride to be, great friends, likeable, not to mention easy on the eyes or so they say, and he felt like he didn't deserve any of it. The part I can relate to is the 'not deserving it all' part and even the doing the crazy shit part sometimes, cept I don't think I'd save any underwear... I think there's a little bit of killer in all of us, to be honest it's part of our nature, ya know the human one. We're programed to fight or fly so why lie? - ya digg.
- be open minded at all costs.
- respect.order. kind of go hand in hand.
- love all, hate is strong but necessary to survive sometimes, loathe occasionally it's good for you.
- most importantly, live life imperfectly, flawlessly, balanced.

Relations, or relationships,
are friends just friends if they only benefit?
you. Can't always get what you want.
Yeah it's cliche, but
with her lips stained red,
and you all in her head, she flirts.
With the idea of you together, with her being alone.
She keeps you at arms length or at least tries,
but what's the sense if her heart keeps asking why?
Steady questioning what to begin with,
the end came first, when we met in reverse.
Out of our minds and out of time. 
Yet so deep in love it still hurts. 

turn me on mentally and we're set. I knew it was gunna be you when we met.

enough.enjoy.endulge <-- had to alliterate that ish even if it means cheating.