I have reached that point in my semester where not only have I been running on E, but I'm pretty sure my gage is past that now. I legit don't have anything left for this ish. Please put me out of my misery. Someone? Anyone...?
I just want someone to do something that I want to do, without me telling them. Sounds a little far fetched, but I haven't had time for myself lately and it's bothering the fuck outta me.


Haven't really had the time to read any good books, but if I did I know for a fact that I'd grab one off this here shelf. Okay, so it doesn't look too practical, but it looks cool!

Remember Hot Wheels?!!! 
This Coat Check Chair design is fucking awesome! Although, I'd like to think if you were checking said coats you wouldn't want everyone to show up, or else you'd be out of a seat!
This chair doesn't seem too sturdy, the concept is ill but idk man....she looks happy and all but she ain't the one sittin in it.

This time lapse video of NYC was shot with the camera that I one day hope to own. [Canon EOS 7D]
new york city. from James Ogle on Vimeo.

I've already shown you guys a bunch of Juan C.'s drawings so why not a few more? 
Ace you don't need a personal trainer, all you need is this shirt. Pretty self-explanatory concept. I dig it.
Attention Hipsters, these are for you, you American Apparel addicts, with your ray bans and fixies and shit.
If I owned an iTampon I'd buy one of these for serious playplay. All jokes aside the iPad is pretty neat, and so is this typewriter thingy.
Here's just a couple things I want for my future abode.
1) ninja star coat hooks, I mean who wouldn't want these.
2) awesome shower gel.
3) vinyl bookends, for the manymany.many books I own <--- lies. 
4) vinyl bowl, vinyl anything really..
Reasons to go back to Chi-City: noodles & co. , the mile, threadless
I think the fact that this mug is made of wood is the only reason anyone should need to buy it.

I'm usually all for stuff like this, but knowing our society I'd probably get arrested for having a leash like this in my possession. no bueno.
Yurko G. if only I could accumulate enough trash everyday to use these to their full potential.
I wish I could go back to when I brought my lunch to school and use this box instead of the numerous plastic bags Mama Lee likes to use for everything. Not in pink obviously.
iPhone 5? 7? 127?
idk the updates don't impress me anymore. I had the original so literally anything but the first one is all I'm asking for.
These look really cool....
speaking of cool bottles my crazy.sexy.cool friend Ashley showed me this today.
top 15 creative vodka bottles, thought I'd share the awesomeness along. [I've posted quite a few of these already]
these are my favorite:
Kor "perfect spout" water bottles. They don't look that "perfect" to me though.
the only wrapping paper I will ever buy from now on. it's not a tie is my personal fav.
Not a fan of the name [Obol] <--- the fuck? but the concept is one that I very much agree with/can relate to. Especially the cereal side, because there are only a few type of cereal that will accept soggy.
Mercedes A-Class concept.
BMW M5 concept. [which I like better]
I mean I love bacon, but this is a little too much. 
This grill is awesome! Park-Style.
The toe ruins it for me. Nike x Steve Alan Blazers
4/20s coming up so maybe all of you self proclaimed pot heads should invest in a SossBox. It keeps your grass fresh due to it's high tech hermetically-sealed design. Unfortunately you'll probably forget this exists, and that it costs about two bills.

Bronx Hydro & Garden. Hydroponic. They probably grow a lot of great.....plants.
Synergy this home beer brewing system is dope, wanna make it less that two stacks?
Tomorrowland. Ben S. [Mad Men inspired]
Martha Cooper Remix.
Microchips. They're paper thin and apparently they come with the option of potato or rhubarb <-- funny word. Not to mention that the packaging is awesome as well.
Audi x Renovo bike. I'll take one in city please.
Kesh, these are great. She's friends with MIA and J. Scott so you know she's gotta be cool. check out her site.

3D type book, aka one of the books that will be on my coffee table soon. First I have to get a coffee table, and coffee.

Brooklyn we go Hard Candy. Plus they use recycled glass, cork, paper and other stuff too, for the packaging, not the candy haha.

Dig. by Daniel A. the exhibit is invite only and is from the 4th-22nd. If you're like me and aren't cool enough to get in check it out the progress online.

Doppleganger: Images of the Human Being. another book I want to add to my collection, so far it's at 4 cool books, one of which is used to keep the speakers in my car from vibrating too much.

I love Jazz/oldies. The Smithsonian Anthology!!!! 6-disc compilation yo.

I love mojitos and I like avocados but together....? "Greeno Mojito Smoothie" I'll have to pass.

Nike's twitter moto. #RedAllOver

Havaianas has started to make slip-ons... stick to flip-flops please.

I really like this poster. Yumalum nice design, nice name.

mentos are awesome.

Miru Kim this is crazy. you're crazy. your craziness is awesome.
The Pig That Therefore I Am

I'm really not a fan of the Aston Martin but this new Vantage S looks mighty classy. equipped with a V8. Too bad it's not available in the US.

John Downer this is the best idea ever. Hidden cameras to capture the dwindling polar bear species. They're so cute, I don't really care that they're violent. Sue me.

Vans Vault Authentic One Piece LX. I'm a yuge fan of the LX line, I'm not sure if it's the fact that the boxes are cooler, or the fact that they say LX on everything. Maybe it's the illnasty collaborations that they're always putting out. Who knows? Who cares? They're ill.

Then she transforms me, to a Bugatti "16V Galibier Bieber" I really don't understand why there are quatd-exhaust pipes on both sides, but that's just me....I think. Plus it's headlights look like piercing eyes, no bull.

This is the biggest Chuck I've ever seen haha. It's outside Tokyo, and it's for a fundraiser to help show support and hope. 

Stussy is one of my favorite street wear brands, enough said. My friend Lee and I have been harassing them to put out more support Japan shirts. Nick Bower you are ze man. I mean look at that beard, it screams unique/artistic/you wanna be me.

Lina Farrow these are amazing, not only are they matte <--- one of my favorite surfaces but they help me get one step closer towards being Catwoman.

I'm pretty hungry, so with that said I'm off to get foods!