This Right Here.

Is my blog. haha
Yeah I know I've been saying I'm going to update and all this shit, truth be told I honestly don't have the time or energy after all of my procrastination (o:3 But <--- see, not learning anything, now that the semester is coming to a close you guys will wish I didn't have so much free time.

Hi, my name's Kibbee. I like fedoras, among other things.

My mommy likes to give me fruit on a daily basis. Not even gunna lie, she had me with the packaging.

I'm sure you all have heard of the Boston Marathon, if not well that's what google's for. kidding, sorta. It's one of the most known marathon's in the world. People from all over come here to run/win, and I was lucky enough to snag some VIP passes to this year's 115th marathon.

check it.

had to snag a photo of Banksy.

I mean not like it's been an eternity or anything....

Umbria Prime with some ladies [probably about 8917323 years ago, but I'm clearly slacking so yep. sue me]

taking pictures with random men Sarah? check.

best friends since 5th grade, still going strong (o:3

this is the face I end up making most of the time haha, really though.

angry Sarah, meet camera. Camera, angry Sarah.

This is the result of intoxication and hunger = Stolen DD signs.

Went bowling for real, for the first time in ages. I had a blast, I really do suggest bowling as a weekly medicine. 
Ace. (o:3

mr. grumpy gills. 

I like this photo of you, the end.

clearly the warm up round.

Latest pickup? Haze Lows. I plan on sticking to my list, and everything after that is extra. Only a few more left, then it's on to formal footwear.

Animal face t-shirts? uh, yes.

wooden keys, not sure how I feel about this just yet.

last year a bunch of people uploaded personal videos to Youtube, and I came across the preview to the movie.

Lego soap!

you know those electric scooters that you always wish you could ride when you go to the supermarket, me too. Here's the trailer that's made for it.


I would buy these in a heartbeat. LED stilettos

I like you.
Hello, I Like You from Mixtape Club on Vimeo.

I think this concept is genius, not only does it fit more ink, but it just looks cool in general.

I pretty much would buy anything this guy makes. If you're reading this Fred [which you're not] you can sell me anything

this flash drive is the bomb, literally.


hahah "Superheroes on bikes"

Mickey's Epic Adventure.

2012 VW Beetle.<--- punch buggy mothersucka.
it's weird this model doesn't make me want to smack the driver.

X-Men First Class trailer.

A G for some headphones? No thanks Dr. Dre.
ColorWare x Beats

I mean I'm not really a fan of JB's retro-happy gun. But more power to ya stop. 
Wolf Grey Vs

speaking of wolves.
Tyler the creator. 

Stussy Spring/Summer

The Beastie Boys are the shit.

Make Some Noise Video.

Sony, pretty much sending Steve Jobs a huge fuck yo couch.
S1 & S2 tablets

I'm so glad to say I own this game. Portal 2. buy it or die.

Climber wine. I really like the fact that the wine comes in pouches, not sure if it's actually any good but it's packaging is awesome. Instaprops.

Royal Virility Viagra Performance Beer. It's got pretty much every aphrodisiac known to man in it [herbal viagra and shit, chocolate, goat weed? <--- the fuck?] 

FINISH HIM. Don't call it a comeback. 

Pro-Keds "Royal" Plus. I actually wouldn't mind buying a pair.They come with either leather, twill or canvas uppers.

These are going to be a part of my future kitchen, no matter what.

Smitten [liquid nitrogen] Ice Cream. Pretty self-explanatory concept. I saw a store that made iced cream like this in chi-city, wasn't fortunate enough to buy any due to the long line of hipsters but I'll go back one day.

This clock looks awesome.

I don't give a fuck if Weezy F Blow Me is wearing these shades. The brand's name is Crap Eyewear......

I want my wedding photos to look like this. Of course with a few traditional poses thrown in as well. Props Max W.

I saw a bunch of cool kids with these on New Years, I got news for you, you're not Native American, stop.
Fresh leather Winebotas <--- errr is that a real word?

Midnight Awards. [pretty much just pictures of pretty people]

Jason Bell. Cinematic Celebrity. I really like this series.

kk I'm sure this post is long enough.

keep it raw. enjoy the weather!