Wanna Get Lay'd?

Hawaii is a fucking blast. Aside from the fact that the flight is a bitch, it's definitely worth it. We're staying in a condomaximum in Oahu. So far my cousins have succeeded in getting kicked out of bars, drunkenly buying fifty dollar flip flops from Armani Exchange, eating a shit ton udon noodles, and making watermelon vodka.

my cousin Rob picked me up in his new beamer, I'll snag a shot of his killer rims when I get a chance/remember.

Hope your Fourth went well! I got to catch a glimpse of the fireworks on Waikiki beach.

handmade udon noodles.

fifty dollar flip flops from Armani Exchange, purchased while intoxicated, good job guys.

Ace came to visit me for my family reunion and got to meet my twin and one of my great friends.photographers.popular people Hannah.

I'm really bad at rock skipping as it turns out, but this guy is awesome at it.

Nexo has this really neat idea. that could definitely come in handy here at the apartment. You put all of your dirty clothes into the bag and the stool is super low that way you can use it as a seat cushion! I suppose it would only be acceptable if your clothes didn't smell.

LoungWood laptop stand? The design looks pretty neat-o but I'm not sure I'd buy it. One you kinda.sorta.do look like a tool bag using it.

Ace proposed the idea of True Blood vs. Transformers but this seems to be a little bit more fair.

Speaking of Star Wars, this is the blueprint book!!

Peel has these awesome microcars that are made for both one and two people! They're the world's smallest production car.

this is why I love cats hahaha

a branching headphone splitter?! 

Hannah this one is for you. It's a bombproof lens case, not only is it watertight, but it repels vibrations too!

My Mom needs about 2894509128 of these. It's a chair man.

This lamp is fucking illnasty, and I'd love to have one of them in my future abode.

I wonder if you can use these wooden bulbs instead of the incandescent ones.

Not really sure who thought this would be a good idea, in my opinion it's just making anyone who wants free gold's life a lot easier. Fucking UK...The machine updates every ten minutes so you never over/under pay for your bricks, and you can buy up to ten thousand dollars worth!

Need to know how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse? I gotchew.

Disposable emergency underwear....who knew?

Fish and salad everyday, yeah not so sure about that one, but I instantly fell in love with the concept. The fishy poop helps the plants grow, and in return the plants purify the water for the fishies. Win-win situation.

roflcopter. lolocaust.

I need.must have.will own this set of cups.

Christian M. Not only have you used albums <--- the best medium for music, fuck an illegal download, but the thought process behind these are crazysexycool

Nike SB July!

I need this shirt. size small please.

I'm strong in this Bugatti [Grand Sport L'Or Blanc] two point four million dollares there's only one model bro.

Mark N. "Aqueous" made up of smoke, water and paint. love.lovelove.love the idea.

Marvin's Room music video.
Drake ~ Marvins Room (Official Video) from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

hope all is well with everyone back in the states. ciao for now

keep it raw.