I really hope everyone had a great Christmas, and that you got a chance to spend it with those that you love and hold close. For my family it was the first Christmas without my Grandpa there. I miss him a lot, sometimes I catch myself before I can remember that he's in a better place. 

I'm not sure why I labeled this post uneasy. I've just been feeling that way for the past couple of weeks. It's like there's so many things going on at once, so many things that I'm responsible for that are happening simultaneously...and for some reason even with all the great things that are happening to everyone, I can't help but feel somewhat dissatisfied or left out. I always get a little weird when the year ends though so that probably explains it...I'm not sure if anyone ever feels like this, or maybe I'm just crazy. Probably the latter. I don't know, sometimes I question whether or not the goals on my list will ever be reached. It's becoming more and more apparent that it's about who you know, instead of a world based on merit <--- who are we kidding. I know that saying holds its weight, I just didn't realize how heavy it actually is sometimes. I get how the game works, timing.connections.the right parties.the right people. not sure I'm willing to roll the dice though...Unless you're somebody's somebody, you're anyone's nobody. I know I'm sounding like I wear all black (which I do frequently actually) go to movies alone (which I also do), and have no one who cares about me (which I know isn't true). But sometimes it's so hard to picture your dreams when everything's so cloudy in this world.

to all those people who accomplish so much with such little time that we have here, I commend you. 


Evian always has pretty good campaigns. I really like this shirt though.

I don't really drink coffee, or the specified beverages you should when it comes to mugs. [meaning I usually drink cold things] but this is pretty useful. Me likey.

If you're anything like me, and get anxious.nervous.sweaty when it's time for you to "cut the cake" then I think you'll appreciate what I found the other day. Should make things a little easier, just as long as no one asks for a sliver. 

I would appreciate this as a gift on any occasion. all seriousness.

I've never actually been put in a time-out, but I can only imagine how brutal they must be when you're that age. So this should help the kiddies cope with the whole...amount of time remaining issue.

Scott Weaver's Rolling through the Bay from The Tinkering Studio on Vimeo.

this is the sickest catch I've seen in a while.

peace out twenty-eleven. It's been real.

keep it raw.