Let's Call The Whole Thing Off.

It's pretty clear when people are unhappy with a situation, and it's only right to do your up most best to try and fix it. I can say that I've put just about all I can into it without being naive about the inevitable. I've tried to see the  best out of someone, but in all honesty there's nothing left for me to give at this moment in time without seeing things done on my terms. I'm sick of expecting things and getting the bare minimum. No hard feelings though.

I hope everyone had the chance to ring in the New Year with those that they love! And I hope the New Year brings you a new beginning filled with opportunity and good fortune.

Spent my New Years with my best friends. and a cockroach.

post roach attempt at sleeping.

these pillows are amazing they're made with thermosensative cloth, the price however...not so amazing that one.

If I ever have my own building one day, the head office/meeting room will look like this.

I need one of these for my kitchen. I'm usually the one rubbing their eyes whenever the lemon gets brought out for seafood.

New Balance 1500 Mint & Grey. If NB keeps putting out gems like these, I might have to buy myself a pair. With what money you ask? I'll get back to you on that one.

X - Chi City. Word is they're releasing this month sometime.

damn, gunna miss that.

I will not hesitate to kick your rear end in this game. With any character, preferably not Gun Jack, but will if it's a last resort.

there could be some truth to this.

this is eerie...

I hope when I make my shorts they look as good on me as they do her.

Running low, need to restock.

keep it raw.