Sales Tag.

Howdy! I've been feeling a lot better since I took literally four days of just sitting in my room with nothing but an endless supply of homemade chicken rice soup, Entourage, and orange juice. I'm currently at work and I started to think about what the price of stuff actually is. I see kids in high school with more money to "blow" than I've seen in ages, so to drop two-fifty on a pair of sneakers that came out when they were probably preconceived is nothing to them. I was talking to someone about food miles the other day [feel free to judge away] and how they affect the price but to them money ain't a thang. Then there are those that I see in my neck of the woods that push around carts looking for cans, you think they've ever heard of fucking food miles? I know I'm ranting and rambling just something that crossed my mind. I know I've spent a lot of unnecessary money in the past, but I'm going to try to make a conscious effort to reduce frivolous spending as much as possible. I ask myself this now...Are you aware of the cost behind the sales tag?

Half the world lives on less than two dollars a day. So if you have it, give it.

kinda makes the extravagant.lavish.ridiculous things I'm about to post irrelevant. ::sigh::

bird bat houses. These would be really great if I a) weren't afraid of them and b) thought they were cute creatures.

the end is near...?

My friends are probably sick of me telling them how much I dislike FB. This however, is mildly hilarious.

Sombrilla! This is a great idea, and as soon as it gets warm, or I get enough monies [whichever is first really] I shall look into getting one.


Eh-Skuuzi. If I weren't going to look like a toolbag I'd invest in this fine woven creation. It keeps your hands warm and your drink cold, how much better can it get?

I would really appreciate this chair in my house at some point, so if that could be arranged I'd be most appreciative.

Sensei chair set.

Mr. Myers I love your work.

this is every photographers wet dream. Nikon presents the D4.
specs: six big ones thousand in case you were wondering, 16.2 megapixel full-frame sensor, ISO range of 100 to 12,800 — or 204,800, 10 fps, 91,000-Pixel RGB 3D Color Matrix Metering III...

Lexus LF-LC concept. I'm not really a huge fan of Toyota's with L's on them but this one hit my soft spot.

Roller Rock glass for a real Rock n' Rolla. I'm gunna buy one of these. Okay you caught me...I'm in it for the ice ball mold that it comes with.

if you're like me and your love all your old consoles, then this is definitely for you. It's a Retrode..? All you need to know is that it hooks up to your computer and allows you to do just that. Game On.

Baking Bacon Soda. yum.....? I love bacon just as much as the next person, and probably a little more, but even I think this is a little much. If you're feeling daring go for it here.

The Year of the Dragon Collection. I would like that Destroyer Jacket in the smallest size possible.

the forces are my favorite!

Jonny Etc. repping Boston, these are great sir! carry on.


this is absolutely, pause-oh-tiv-lee insane.

This is what I'm going to do to my salmon as soon as I'm done with this post.

roflcopter...this is too much.

Not really a fan of the Chukka style but I love Vans and I like the brand In4mation. The snakeskin is a little much for me but I bet there are some people out there that are interested. If so, they drop Jan. 13th, there are two hundred pairs, so be ready!

Whiskey in a can? there is hope for the human race after all, that and the raging alcoholics out there.

Henrique O. your exhibit is unstoppable. Medium: wood.

Sean Malto joins Nike SB yo! he's twenty-two, he's been pro for two years, and his new shoe should be interesting.

check him out.

I'm not a fan of LBJ but the colorways that have been dropping lately are eye-catching.

this telescoping pen is amazing, and quite convenient I might add.

Air heads by H. Serrano.

For when you need a coffee the size of your head in the morning.

this man can cook better than most "men" I know my age with all five senses. be thankful, and watch the Food Network  & this man [Tommy]  you could learn a thing or two eight.

Peanuts x Abbey Road. <--- I like this version better.

hahaha painfully true wallpapers for iPhone users. I know a handful of people that these can apply to.

Common knows the deal he likes it raw.
Raw (How You Like It) - Common

oh Ye, you'll always be my favorite.
“Think of it as Mein Kampf if Mein Kampf was about Hitler secretly designing shoes in Paris because his teacher wouldn’t let him doodle Nikes during social studies. That’s literally the only way to describe this thing.”

Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls. hahah

1990s film alphabet. guess away!


hahah life advice from Louis C.K.

silly women (o:3

fashionable people I came across:

there are no words for this video....I highly advise that you watch it though shit is about to get real.

a smidge harsh.

this doormat is great though.

truth. feel free to judge me.

just for you stu.

someday these will be a part of my wardrobe...not a day in the near future though.

my friends and I were discussing vodka soaked tampons, or what we like to call them v-tamps. Yes it's real, people are actually fucking doing this now. Notice I said people and not women...
this made me think of it, sorry if I scared you off [look it up I'm not kidding]

lose the glasses and we're good to go buddy.

Bill in his prime.

if you haven't seen this movie, what are you waiting for...honestly.

I'm strangely  attracted to this snake.

I love air hockey, name a time and place I'm game.

blue iris.

I am the greatest.

Don Do Me Draper.


keep it going