Setting The Tone.

It's been a hectic week since I got back from DC last week. I'll be sure to post photos and videos of my trip once I upload [more like find] my camera. It was Chinese New Year yesterday, and for the first time I actually wished my family was celebrating it. I remember we used to go out to Chinatown all the time to watch the parade and eat with everyone, the firecrackers used to scare the shit outta me but now I find them to be amazing.

since one of my name's is Lee, this is only appropriate.

I promised myself I would dedicate a time each day to sit down and write, and starting tomorrow  today, I'm sticking to my word. Over my break from classes I realized that the world really is a small.smallsmall place. From mutual friends to mutual funds, everyone seems to know somebody. I think that this year is really going to be one for the books. Just the beginning of January has already been eventful as hell. I've met so many new interesting.exciting.incredible people. They say college sets the tone for the rest of your life, I'm not so sure I believe that though. I think your life is all about what you make of it, yes the decisions you make have their effect, but I'm pretty sure there's a smidge of timing and luck in there too.


what better way to embrace the new year than to jump?

Marina Bay Sands Skypark BASE Jump. Singapore 2012. from Snow R. Shai on Vimeo.

lighter cufflinks? fuck yes. these would instantly make any outfit.

Kobe and KD Year of the Dragon.

"Life on the Edge" Dennis, you are insane.

If you're a fan of outrageous iPad cases, then this is for you.

Hidden Speakers??Hidden Radio, they come equipped with Bluetooth technology so that you can virtually listen to anything and everything you want any and everywhere. The price however, not so appealing.

Crooks & Castles 2012. Spring.

Ferrari is trying to get into the headphone business. I'm all set yo. Stick to cars.

Nike FuelBand.

40/40 Club gets a face lift. Who is down to go, all I really wanna know.

LRG. Spring '12.

Alexander S. your way with jellyfish astounds me. I really want an aquarium in my future home.

KRINK just dropped an app recently, I strongly recommend getting this. It works better on an iPad though.

L.L. Bean this is insane and I love it.

these snowshoes are fantastic by the way.

Air Yeezy custom VIs....not really sure how I feel about these yet...

Zombie.Zombie.Zombie nation. This house is zombie apocalypse proof. Not to mention it doesn't look all that bad either.

speaking of the lifeless suckers, you can customize your very own with this here kit!
"Included inside are three eight-inch articulated bodies, five different heads, two pairs of hands, one pair of "just bitten" and one pair of "really rotten" arms and legs, an extra chest prosthetic, a business suit, some medical scrubs, a lab coat, two pairs of shoes, and instructions"

I have an Incase on my phone, and if the normal color wasn't pink I definitely would have considered getting this one instead.

this iPhone back by Material 6 Wood is far more my style. It even comes with a mini screwdriver so that if you have a genius appointment you can safely put back on your glass backing.

I know I'm late on this one but...Rihanna for Emporio Armani.

I am in love with hyperrealism, Pedro C. you've just won me over. For life.
Yes these are in fact paintings, done by a human artist.


Not a big fan of Weezy, he's starting a clothing line called TRUKFIT. It's only being sold on Karmaloop. check it out I guess, or don't.

I'm an avid gamer so when I heard that Alienware was coming out with a new, mini-gaming desktop I had to check it out.
X51: "Core i3-2120 CPU, 4GB RAM, 1TB hard drive and Nvidia GT 545 graphics card." 699.00 <-- try again.

When it comes to Luke Skywalker, you are the father.

I'm definitely going to keep this in mind when it comes to my cousin, he loves all purpose stuff.
All purpose notebook. for all of your of your weather needs.

Dude BMW came out with a self driving car.

Armani Suitjamas?

all-in-one breakfast maker!

this ring is really cool.

If any of you guys are a fan of Boardwalk Empire, then you'll love this video of the behind the scenes CGI

Boardwalk Empire VFX Breakdowns of Season 2 from Brainstorm Digital on Vimeo.

Blank USB

I am huge fan of these kind of jars, so the fact that you get to put something on top that let's you drink out of them blew my mind. Cuppow!!!!!

CUPPOW! from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.

This is probably a Godsend for new parents. two birds one stone. Pretty self explanatory.

shit sucks.

Jocelyne G. I've love what you've done with the place Barbie.

I moustache you a question. Would you buy a map of the world made entirely out of moustaches? I

 I had to ^^^ tres cute.

If you're anything like me. <--- let's hope you're not. This definitely has some appeal to you them. It's a product called Liquipel. Repels oh idk liquid. For sixty bills it is "supposedly" going to make your phone waterproof both inside and out. Not sure if I believe that though...

2013 Hynundai Veloster Turbo. Who knew? not really a yuge fan but they say it comes with dual exhaust, always a plus, not to mention matte grey factory paint <----yahtzee! LED headlines, leather seats, touch screen center console and a few other pros.

::cue music:: Bond, James Bond. Bond 50. All Bond, all the time.

Acura NSX Concept. [which needs to become a reality]
dual clutch, all wheel drive, readjusting torch, V6, and it's electric boogie boogie boogie.

I like my Mary's Bloody I once heard a guy say that. My mind went somewhere less appetizing so I just thought I'd pass that along hahha. kidding. Stu's is a pickling company I believe that wanted you to pretty much never use celery again. It's still supposed to be used with tomato juice though.

Killspencer Dopp Folio? I don't really care what it's called but I would love to own one of these bad boys. leather, black, transforms, functional, what more do I need. Besides two of them.

I saw this and immediately felt like I had been violated. I just can't do it. I like coffee with my cream and I refuse to change.

this is fanfuckingtastic, whoever you are.

I am in love with lips, anything from the color to the shape. Crusty-cruss's need not apply.

I've recently swiped all the disco music I could find from my Dad's collection in hopes to building it into my everyday listening. I must say it's not easy but I'm hoping to preserve what little bit of the stuff that I can. Shoes with goldfish inside...I mean who wouldn't.

I think I need new pencils...

weird stuffs you can buy from vending machines? of course I'm intrigued.

we need these.

anger management machine?!?!?!? I'll take twenty.

seen this already though.

this is by far my favorite one.


if this was in silver and that weird triangle stone was replaced I would instantly purchase this.

I'll be using this diagram soon enough.

this is one fine speciman. see what I did there

for when my kids ask why.

for all you fixie owner, please attach this to your vehicle, basket's optional.

I beg to differ...

I'm going to get these printed so when people ask where I've been I can hand them one and continue on my way.

with that,

keep it raw.kin