Color Me Bad.

I've been searching for blue jeans for a very very.very long time now. I'm not sure who can agree with that previous statement, nor do I care because I found a pair that will hold be over until I find the perfect fit. Thought I'd give this whole color blocking thing a go.

I haven't really been doing anything interesting lately. Just the usual drinks with friends to celebrate the weekend, eating good food, group meetings out the ass, and sleeping in 'til noon.

My amazing cousin just informed that she bought us each a pack of this so that we can make them together the next time we're all together!!! I love my familee.


Carmenina this one's for you.
Cool Kids : Rush Hour Traffic

The Cool Kids "Rush Hour Traffic" from GreenLabelSound on Vimeo.

All I do is Lin Lin.Lin no matter what.

Nike is doing it big with their College Bball Spring Collection this year. Don't believe me? Take a gander for yourself

UNDFTD Spring/Summer '12

This is amazing. Lego Graffiti stop motion.

Lemme get a dozen. Bacon Roses.

Only if they're presented in this fashion.

9five. Spring '12 featuring the lovely Shay Maria.


I really hope that this is a real product...

Joxen. Some of these are pretty dope actually.

Y'all got any Scrimp? Nike SB Shrimp. ...I like the fact that they're simple but I'm not a huge fan of shrimpies, solly.

This is awesome.

but not as awesome as this. I can't wait until I have enough money to do this to my car doors.

Salad in a jar? I'm down. I don't have a vacuum sealer thing though, so I hope it still has the same effects.

Ashtash, this is for you.


I really want one of these!!! I bet my lady readers (or nail conscious men?) would appreciate the Nail Saver Key Ring.

I know how I'm teaching my kids their ABCs. kidding.

I always wished they had a juicer that was formatted for bottles, but I think my homemade lemonade days are behind me. Or are they....

I'm a fan of weird clothing probably more than the next person, but this is a bit much. Even for me.

Animal Longevity.

I thoroughly enjoy the concept of the Shirt Shuttle, but I think it would be much more effective if multiple shirts could be stored in these bad boys.

I would like this tea brewer to be a part of my future abode.
With the touch of a button the basket comes up for you to fill it, and then mid brew it pushes itself down and moves around accordingly. I'm not skilled enough to watch the flames so this does it for ya.

This shelf is amazing.

Mac OS x Mountain Lion <--- you're running out of cool big cat names guys.

we all know your hair didn't grow back that fast RiRi.

I actually like this dude.


usually what happens when your mouth opens..

My co-worker has been bumpin Ye all day, so I thought this photo of him seemed appropriate for this statement.

Every bar I've been to lately has played at least one of her songs, but I know A Lil Louder next week is going to do her and J Dilla justice.

or else....

It's sad.

love.lovelove them.

I wouldn't actually mind buying this to go along with the IVs. I'm usually opposed to things that match too explicitly with certain things, but this is great. It's subtle and simple.

HA. gtfo.

The opposite of subtle and simple you ask?

you will be my future pet.

too cute for words.

I bought my dad 21 on vinyl as well as Working With Miles for his birthday, I love you dad, sixty-eight looks great on you. Please excuse my ultra cheese face. My Dad got his eyes dilated and they gave him extra glasses (o:3

unfortunately this is my goodbye [for now].

keep it raw.