May Cause Seizures.

For those of you who wanted to know what the WTT tour was like, pretty much like that ^^^ except better.
And a smidge less seizure-y.


As if having your iPad on display wasn't douche-y enough. I present you the Hover Bar for all your douchey needs.

HoverBar 620x386 HoverBar for iPad ($80)

Is there anyone out there that's down to do this with me??
Excaliber. Just another reason to go back to the Netherlands

Absolut x Jamie Hewlett. APparently they're giving away a limited amount of bottles through their instagram account.

Matt Damon isn't even in it -____-.

Nor is Toby in the new Spider Man.

For all you foamposite people, this one's for you!
I'm not usually a fan of these bulky sneakers, but these definitely caught me eye. So if you want them they drop Feb. 23rd

JB released the AJ2012 which will take the 27th spot. [please stop]. These are actually pretty cool they come with interchangeable mid-soles and sleeves!!!

Speaking of JB, my babies are releasing on the 18th. COME TO ME.

Vintage Nike Ads???!!! Fuck yes. Here are a few of my favorites ones.

Tron your iPhone with this cool glow in the dark wrap thing. I might actually purchase this....sue me. <--- kidding don't do that.

M.I.A. doin' the damn thang

Yet another LiLo x Terry Richardson shoot. I'm not complaining though.

When I first saw these Numero 1 watches, I thought they were a joke. They're not. They should be.

JanSport...stepping it the hell up, me likey.

I R have grammar issues sometimes.

Pretty sure I spent about 68% of my allowance on this stuff. And I have no shame.

I would appreciate these in my wardrobe.

to go with this dress.

is a helluhvuh drug. but she makes it look sexy.

it's enough.

Riri, you cray cray, but I think I'm in love with that leotard.

that shirt....

fuck corporate America.

keep it raw.