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Didn't feel like coming up with an intro for this post. Maybe it's because I'm lazy, or because, nah it's the former.


Striped creme leotard and black matte leggings both from American Apparel <--- I caved. Random blazer from a suit set, and BCBG ankle boots.

Teal Motel Shirt Dress. Box Purse from Urban. Patent oxfords. Matte pink lipstick.

Missing food from home at the moment,

Just a quick hilarious photo from my trip to DC where my hat sister.OG SACmember.chicken dance partner was at the same time as me. Crazy coincidence.

If you're into being crunchy, while helping the environment, then this is definitely the reusable BPA-free receptacle for you my friends.
CamelBak Groove: it comes with a plant-based filter.

But if you're like me, and you find this water bottle to be infinitely more cool. Then please, read on.
Black + Blum Eau Good water bottle. It comes equipped with a binchotan <--- didn't pay attention in chem. piece of coal that's "active". Not to mention the awesome fucking cork top.  I'm on the waiting list.

Audi R8 GT Gpyder. Could this car be anymore beautiful? Even in white it puts other luxury cars to shame. As you well know I the R8 so the fact that this is a convertible version that doesn't make me want to hang myself is a plus. Anyone have an extra two-hun-ehd thou?
throwin hun-ehds, hun-ehds, hun-ehds.

DQM x Vans Feb. line.

I want to work for Red Bull. Just look at this HQ.

Redbull New Headquarters / Sid Lee Architecture from ArchDaily on Vimeo.

In case you've missed this viral video, this is how everyone should order food.

NBA All-Star game jerseys. I thought it was appropriate that emphasize which coast I'm from.rep.stay at.

I was always told to not play with your food, but this looks like fun.

Since Star Wars is coming out in 3-Die I thought it was only appropriate to share with you these pieces of "art".

Speaking to Star Wars....I love fast food (sometimes). But this, this is just wrong.

Can I just say, after this post I'm going to heat up the remainder of my pesto pasta, and I don't even feel bad about it.

I just found out that they actually make green tea puffs. Why do I not live in a bigger city with more pastry options?
Luckily I have the recipe!

Attention men across the nation, these Cole Haan LunarGrand Wingtip shoes are for you. Me to look at on you. If you're still not convinced Cole Haan loves sporting Nike footwear technology in their products. And as a person who happens to own a pair of heels with fabulous comfy soles, yes, the collab. is legit.

Thank you for reading! (o:3

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