Do. Me. Aubrey. Drake. Graham.

Okay I'm done obsessing.
I shall be seeing this in a few hours:

Hugh Jackman look's pretty damn good...

but Taylor is the real reason I'm seeing it ;)

Those of you that like Bathing Ape:

MIA's baby!
NAME: Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman


In other news, Leighton Meester has decided to go back to being a blonde, personally I like her better as a brunette.


"Sea Crystal IIs?"

if I wasn't so anti-mids....fuck it, I like them too much.
these remind me too much of my Vans, but...I do love velvet black....

I need monies!
to buy these!!!:

this one's for Robert

I'm glad he's making a come back.

marshall mathers mean mug much?
3AM preview

seeing as my wallet is ripping at the seams, and not from being loaded with cash, more like loaded with change cuz' I ain't gotst no monies =/
perhaps this?

or maybe I'll just stick to my plan and buy this one:

enough of this indecisive shit, I'm going to go with the gut from here on in. or should I? haha I keed. seriously tho, enough is enough.

This guy is kickass! Heiwa4126 Japanese Photographer

this lens is giving me a headache... but it hurts so good.

Chanel...makes cars?
let's stick to fashion please, kthxbye.

what the fuck?

You can't be me
I'm a Rock Star
I'm rhyming on the top of a cop car
I'm a REBEL and my .44 pops far

I need this in my life

see even OB uses one

this pizza box is saving the planet one slice at a time!

if there wasn't Korean all over this...I'd get it

I mean with 430 LEDs how can you go wrong? you can't.

tee hee :

uhhh so apparently a WHOLE chicken comes in can form....wth?!?!?
does this even look remotely appetizing?

If I hear any more news about this SWINE FLU, I'm going to drive to Mexico and bring back a few pigs and let them loose at a news station: we GET IT damnit, wash your hands, don't go to MX, I mean how hard is it? and face masks...really? If they looked like this, then it's okay


I'm a PC till I die, and for those who prefer the clearly more COMPATIBLE computer of the twenty-first century, then take a look at the new touch screen pc, it's a little mac-esque though -_-

I love iced's refreshing and not to mention GOOOOOOD. Raspberry Royale+ice+lemon+sugar = bliss.
I mean how can you turn this down?
and if you're more of an espresso can make it ANYWHERE!
you're addicted admit it

you know you wanna buy it (:

hasta la vista.