Just got back from The Origins. I mean "Decapitate" really? Although it was filled with cliche one-liners it was alright, just alright though. The depth they went in to [not that much] was a little too far fetched, but the scenes were cool, which is all that matters I suppose. Word to the wise, pirate it, and save yourself the ten bucks.

wanna be Logan?
"You can't get an indestructible adamantium skeleton, but a new surgical technique can help you fix broken bones with just one shot. That's right: You can get a bone graft injected via syringe."
for those who didn't wait until after the shitload of credits:

I fucking hate the Apple store. After learning that my ipod is no longer covered by applecare, I am forced to either purchase a new ipod or deal with the malfunctioned hard drive, I LOVE THOSE OPTIONS! bastards duped me....again! hence why I am anti-mac. Steve Jobs can blow me.

Can we please have a moment of silence....
The end of an era :

She was the one who filed for the papers, so I guess that says something...or maybe she was too Bossayy.

People have been waiting outside cncpts/x-squared for these....
imo: not worth it.
According to drews85 @ ISS "not sure its worth it, if you sell them and take home 500, thats 285/48 hours is less than 6 an hour, under min wage..." <--- words of wisdom.
I'll pass, sorry Ye

If they shut down presses, my mom will commit violent acts....


Those of you who like crack-berry's I mean Blackberry's
it's not 3G compatible but hey look an optical mouse!

Monday is National Chocolate Parfait Day!!! just one thing, why the fuck haven't I heard about this before?!