It's A Beautiful Day, Don't Let It Get Away.

I need to go. Anyone wanna come with?

8 bills for these
Seeing as I love The Cool you are!
On a side note, the whole I'm Kibbee I rock, is inspired by the song Mikey Rocks, I'd like to think that you all know me enough now, to understand that I loathe self-conceit [kanye is an exception]


With Rihanna and Chris over, Chris has lost some weight, but she looks fabulous =)

Halle Berry please do me:

Everyone's always talking about how Tupac's alive, or if you listen to his records backwards they say things. "he's in Jamaica! getting high!" well not sure I believe that he's still alive...per say, but with pictures like these, it's pretty hard to deny any inclinations that he's still breathing

Next Day Air star: Jasmin Deliz is smoking
see for yourself:
I despise cigs, but this woman looks so damn cool.

this ring is hawt

Kid May 30th? I only like the red ones though

H.CO this one's for you , now Rex can travel with you in style
"Pet Airways will begin service this coming July, in limited runs from LA, Chicago and NYC, starting at $150 for a one-way ticket—actually not a lot more than what the airlines charge to stick your cat in the cargo hold."

GO OUTSIDE, enjoy the day!!!
I'll give you a deluxe hug!