Monday's are GARBARGE.

If it's one thing I cannot stand more than indecisiveness, it's hypocrisy...
At least when you're indecisive, you don't commit to anything, where as if you are in fact being a hypocrite, then you have committed and are now rescinding said commitment to said aspect.
I hate ^s.
BLAH, fourteen days left baby, until I'm officially off this shieeettttt.
I'm trying not to let things bother me, but truth be told the more you push my buttons at this point, when I'm so near the will not like the outcome, trust me =)
My aim is on point.

things are starting to build up, and when I say things I mean orders, because that's what they feel like. I'm just waiting for my fifteen so I can grab some air.

This whole, "let's assign projects" yeah, no. Not fellin' it, if we are "nearly there" why is this assignment "necessary/IMPORTANT"? teachers sound like this:

and now by the transitive property I do too haha.
I hate little groups that people form to exclude others -_- I just laugh and say:

I swear the conniving things people do you'd think they were :

PLEASE DO ME. That is all.

audi ::DROOOOOOL::

Did I mention I love cupcakes? that and pretty much anything in cake form.

and donuts...MmMmmmmMmmm donutsssss [Homer voice]

I love The Simpsons, but they're fading, I mean quit while you're ahead.

I had to do it --->

Is it 3AM yet?

Lauren London, I think she's pretty. She was in Complex Mag.

When I get my own house/apartment/living facility this mat WILL be there...somewhere, trust and believe.

And if for some reason I don't want guys to sit down I can always pick up a few of these, hahaha. jk that'd be mean... ::shifty eyes::

Dude this makes recycling look fun, well sorta, you still have to walk to one of these...where ever the hell they are.

uhhh yeah don't eat McD's
reason why? see below.

For all those futbol fans.
Arsenal vs. Sunderland, the real 2girls1cup

Time for me to do one of my favorite activities, and keep your mind out of the gutter I clearly mean SLEEP, n00b. ;)

Although this would be so kickass to sleep in, though I doubt as comfortable.

"portable house" <--- via kanyewest.