Cindo De Mayo.

Wait list schools : 1 for 1.
Tennis "practice" today, was brutal, two and a half hours, that necessary?
I think not. I wish I was Venus in real life :o)

Not for the weak heart-ed. beware!
I saw this on the news today, I was ecstatic for her:
" Five years ago, a shotgun blast left a ghastly hole where the middle of her face had been. Five months ago, she received a new face from a dead woman. Connie Culp stepped forward Tuesday to show off the results of the nation's first face transplant, and her new look was a far cry from the puckered, noseless sight that made children run away in horror."
"Culp's husband, Thomas, shot her in 2004, then turned the gun on himself. He went to prison for seven years. His wife was left clinging to life. The blast shattered her nose, cheeks, the roof of her mouth and an eye. Hundreds of fragments of shotgun pellet and bone splinters were embedded in her face. She needed a tube into her windpipe to breathe. Only her upper eyelids, forehead, lower lip and chin were left."
She has the first successful face transplant in the nation!
Before the injury

Sorry I had to though, moving on to something less disheartening.
This guy has been super popular lately, and I see why =)
Andrey Razumovsky <--- photographer

Last night was the MET Costume Institute Gala 2009, if you didn’t know, it’s the Oscars of fashion, check out what some of the attendees had on!

Rihanna took a very bold approach with this D&G suittux..?

Megan Fox en Esquire Magazine

The Knowles!

clearly the mom favors Beyonce -_-
She's crotched your attention...
lady ga^2 in BOSTON.

Not that we should be idolizing every celebrity we see, I mean they're just normal people with good makeup stylists, fancy threads, and white teeth right ;)
proof they IS normal :

CUPCAKESSSSS courtesy of my wonderful cousin Jess :o), Thank you for the gummy bears/coke bottles and shot glasses. I love you and them too.
any who, psychedelicccccc

I has so manys nicknames

Lebron like James, bet I be our here quick. [MVP]
He has been given this title, which is much deserved in all honesty, agree or not, hoomeboy's nice. C's all day tho.

Nike...stop dropping the ball

Since aging is inevitable, I cannot wait until I turn 65 so I can retire and live in this badboy:
of course having an interior like one from the Electronic House of The Year would be amazing, but I won't push it.


crack open one of these and enjoy it

Let's do twice the limit, and then some.
I mean 30mph on a highway ramp...really? I think not.

{Last]Saturday Night LiveParty? OH NINEEEE


Thanks to MSL for tipping me off to this old soul, check her out.

With that said...
La Di Da Da Da