ready steady GO.

I cannot wait until I get to do THIS:

okay so I won't be jumping around a fountain in Seoul, but a girl can dream.

I need to go to Tokyo terribadly...
I also really want to go to China. sadface.
this is the closest I'm gunna get for a while:
Megalopolis Shanghai by Horst and Daniel Zielske

lovelovelove this guy.

Drake @ URI.

Steve Harvey has a new book? the title is pretty much how I live my life now anyways, glad some people can now join in on the fun =)

Tennis record: 10-2 baby.

Not that putting them all in a line on a shelf in the dark, makes them look any better, but hey you can try right?

Speaking of footwear...
do these really constitute as that?

Moving on.
this is pretty friggen dope! If I was an old guy I'd buy it, I'd just shout obscure things at girls cuz I could ;)
So apparently you can try out Windows 7 fo $free.99 , but the catch is your computer will restart every two hours sometime next year around march -_- what kind of deal is that?!

download it >>>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<

The choreo in this makes me want to DO these guys haha ....srsly.
Kevin's the one in the hat :o)

"And after all the partying and crazing
And dont forget about that drug habit you picked up at school bein' around your peers!
Hey, now you'll get that 25 thou, job a year and
You'll spend all your money on crack cocaine, but it'll be your your money!
No more borrowin' money from mom for my high!!!"

THIS FRIDAY. you can beam me up Scotty =)
I have to admit, the new cast is looking hawt.
compared to these old busters hahah =p

nothing wrong with the OG crew tho

Is it just me, or are is there a good amount of people from both casts that are on Heroes, okay so it's really only two guys lol.

I just wanna go on a VACATIONNNNN

rawr @ this fkin' rain.