I been Urkel for some years, it's better being Jaleel.

I'm seeing him [Drake] in three days and counting, I cannot wait.
I have come to terms that vacation is over, and that I should probably try to be a decent student for the remainder of the year [twenty days].
Work today was dreadful, people apparently like to get ice cream in groups of thirty -_-, like seriously? line to the door for the majority of the shift <--- fml. Not to mention I missed out on going to the beach, but enough complaining, which is all I seem to do lately. Everything's been kind of a mess, my room, college, the car, my life, etc. I just need to get through these last few days, so I can finally get the change I've been waiting for. On another note, at least the weather is getting SIGNIFICANTLY better/warmer. In fact it's so hot in my room that I feel like this:

I wish I was lounging on this bad boy:

I haven't been shopping in who knows how long, and am in DIRE need of a new spring/summer wardrobe, perhaps filled with items like these?:

if I were a guy...fuck it I'd buy them right now, so many pockets :o)

do me:

Some interesting photography:
Miles Aldridge

Thom York by Greg Williams

Margot Quan Knight

Amber/Ye update:

She had a baby? I would not have guessed

I'm patiently waiting for the Paranoid video feat. Rihanna? oh Ye you crazy ;-)
Not to mention it's one of my favorite songs on 808's

Speaking of Rihanna, here's a sketch , quite funny actually.

I've been on the lookout for new people to listen to :o)

I fucking love Zion I and K'Naan

I love Mario Remi Kart

I did NOT know she was married....

LMFAO. Did you hear me call numba fiddy two?

Look out MJ!

sorry but that shit was too funny to go unshared.

Word to the wise...someone's always watching.
But if you're a ninja, you don't have to worry about that now do you?