Ninety-EightFour Degrees.

I'm petitioning for new senior class shirts, but the sayings for oh nine, aren't really that ...great/cool/funny/witty. eg:
Party Hardy,
Drink Bacardi,
Roll a fat one,
Throw a party,
Beer is good,
Sex is fine,
Fuck ya'll,
We're the class of 2009!
I mean honestly who came up with this ish -_-
I think we're gunna go with : Seniors, we like it on top/that's what she said.
just a thought I put together :

enough senior talk.

These heels are fierce, oh yeah so is Keyshia Cole:
I'll pistol whip you, dip you, then flip you =) designed by: Chanel

DO ME. why Jordan, why??!!
Only JB would think of fusing together one of my favorite IV's of all time with an AF1.
If it's not broken DON'T fix it!

this whole NYLON concept, not sure I'm a fan. my style's allergic to such INTENSE/attention grabbing/obnoxious colors, but there's always room for change right?
possibly the blue ones?

WTF Mario?! why do people do these things, I mean it's not THAT hot.

Tyga and Iman? who knew apparently they have been together for quite some time now, she claims it's mostly because he's the first to buy her a designer purse?[Balenciaga bag] good to know women have reduced their standards to whether or not men purchase materialistic objects for them or not ::sigh::

Kim's gone blond, to my surprise, she looks good with the new color =)

I need this in my life:

Steve Madden <--- love him. reasons why? :

reasons to hate:
479.00 of them. rawr!
apparently Converse is making slip ons now? not sure if I digg em jussst yet.


Oh you :o) Vogue|China :

The way I spice it up with the MAC MAC brushessssss
Whatchu know bout me?!

ATTENTION SIDEKICK FANS <------the new LX------>

I personally don't like SKs, but to each is their own.
Drops: May 13th, 2009
T-mobile is having a count down to when the new Sidekick LX which will be out in stores ready for you to pick up and extend your contract. But if you order it online today you will recieve it before it even get's shipped into stores.

Laken is the truth.


On that note , I can't believe I'm saying this but...
WEAR AS LITTLE CLOTHING AS POSSIBLE TMRW!!!!! for it will be [look at title of this post]