post 100. cien.tensquared. one-hundred.

You know what really grind my gears?
wH3n Pe0pL3 t4lk liiK3 Diis, az iF it'sZ
remotely attractive, glad to see you waste your time alternating between numbers, caps, and replacing G's with Q's and so forth. please for the love of god, qr0w uP!

Teen drinking is very bad.
Yo I got a fake I.D. though!
to all my SINGLE LADIES.

Definition of gangsta.

wtf Chevy? this new corvette concept has got to go..

hehe silly girl. Kim thought it would be a good idea to fall asleep with her shades on.

Kiwi mouse?

orange frog?

this mouse scares me...

did somebody say...cake??
these are edible =P

this is ungodly.

apple pie? literally.

ta ta for now. :o)