8 Pick A Date.

Eight left baby.
I bet that I can make you believe in love sex and magic.

oh Ciara, you're so lucky you can dance ;).
Bouta catch a case, with this wacky weather. PICK hot or cold jeeez.

for all those crazed Chanel fans, here's your fix :

Louis V , please send this clutch to me for $free.99, that is all.

I also would NOT mind wearing these at any given time.
stunning :

i can has teh puppies?

Seeing as I'm going to have to worry about my senior picture being brought up again , might as well bring some people we all know up right now =)

Did I mention I LOVE iced cream?

I love all kinds...cept for pistachio, salty ice cream....ew.

I also love drinking ice cold soda through a straw.
straw not pictured.

I miss Jamaica, all I have left [on my desk anyway]is this wooden...frog...?

My Dad is a G, he bought these little bottles of SP, I love this stuff.
yep bring it on, call me a snob whatevs, shit's bomb.

Chanel thought this kid was amusing, I mean all the other seats were empty yet he's in the very back, he MUST be amusing =]

Boston Market anyone?

Chanel ALSO thought it'd be a good idea to try the cornbread for a second time with ...cheese?, after nearly choking on it and swearing profusely, love how this turned out.

it's not that bad ::nomnomnom::

it's that bad.

woman down.

on our way to Fenway. Drinks all around!
Apparently my friend [see girl above] finds taking pictures out of moving cars, of random people amusing, "sport-like" and fun...riiight.
got emz'

home boy was a G

moving on....
WTF Nike....
I'm in dismay. They've managed to ruin not one but TWO classics. LOVE IT, naht.

On to a few things I found appealing today.

LETS GO SKY DIVING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss my cousin Amanda

of course I'm mid chew.

carmelthugett22 (11:44:45 PM): you're coming to mine tho right

onesimplepurpose (11:45:17 PM): haha of course
onesimplepurpose (11:45:25 PM): im already out of school by then
onesimplepurpose (11:45:40 PM): rob said youre just coming to see mines nad youre leaving right after me right ? youre not staying for M ?
carmelthugett22 (11:46:10 PM): ouch
carmelthugett22 (11:46:22 PM): but hilarious none the less
carmelthugett22 (11:46:25 PM): i love and miss you

you may read this but

I KEED hehe =P this blog was created for those who don't know me to get a chance.
good song though, despite BFF [ben folds five] being über trendy at the moment.

go watch 300. <---------------
this movie turns me on, I mean hot guys, great bods, with awesome fight scenes, what more could I ask for? "cars"....yes I could always ask for cars.