Everything's Gunna Be Alright.

Or so I've been told.
As of last week I'm officially a member of the class of 13/14? of Bentley University.
I suppose I could still go to Boston University if I wanted to, key word want. BC is taking far too long to give me a response so they can suck it.
I suppose this causes for a celebration, which is exactly what I'll do tonight. =)

Obsessed [the movie] , only thing to describe it is "that bitch is crazy" haha.

I can't wait to see you, but :

I love this photo

apparently when I say that my name is "Miss. Miller" people always feel the need to tell me about all of their really hot past teachers that were also Miller's, or they ask if I'm a librarian, cuz that'd be hot -_-. I try to leave the part about me [used to]working in a library out of conversations for that very reason.

I only hope to find an aspect about my work that makes me truly happy, like this guy
Tetsu Nishiyama

Megan Fox in ELLE magazine.

yayyy Cassie and Rihanna have naked pictures, do they want a cookie? jesus.

I is hungryyy. rawr.
I've been giving carrying my food like this some thought, for quite some time now

I also love Lisa, but Bart's my favorite of the two. Homer wins any day though.