"How was quarters?" - REFRESHING.

"Hi, how are you?"
- Good, yourself?
That's an example of pure annoyance. If you're going to go through the trouble of asking, at least respond when they ask you back, don't just ask how you're doing out of courtesy/to be polite, if you're not going to respond -_-. I get it, you don't actually give a damn how I'm doing, but at least be courteous back. jerkface.

Prom was great, except for the whole me-not-having-a-bus-thing. and getting there an hour late....will post pics latez.
ME was a blast, ^ see above.

uh....yeah she just shouldn't speak.

she does, however, have a great bod.

well HOT DAMN.

HB-bby: "So Lolita" summer 09 Hellz Bellz.

I'm a warrior. [mac warrior collection]

I'm not all that crazy about aviators in general, but this mirror/mirrors? are d0pe.

one of these things is not like the others. hehe droidssssssssssssss


I want this tie, so I can wear it to work and when the going gets tough I'll just reverse that sucker and hang myself =) jk. sorta.

ROFLCOPTOR. <--- for all you 1337 ppl. I need this shirt in my life.

clearly eminem was not enthused with Bruno.

MmMmMmmm donuts....

I'm more of a M4 person but AKs are good too.

sry my inner guy came out just then.

the new iPhone has stepped up the interface, thank god.
video capability, horizontal texting, voice recorders , what-have-you.

I need to go swimming here. [belize, blue hole]

I personally love samsumg products but this camera phone....jesus.
12 mps. that's just insane.

I have a mosquito bite and it's SO FREAKEN ITCHYYYYY. I know, I know, stop scratch yadadadamean.

Ed's a lucky man:

BOSTON STAND UP. cncpts <--- representing for the bean, love it.

This is one of my favorite songs on this album, why the hell did he not release this ?!?!?!?!?

My name Wale Kib-bee and I came to get it. <--- all I bump in my car. [chillin' - wale ft. lady gaga <--- unfortunately] She sounds like M.I.A in this song, eh I still love it. maybe if I had an electric violin, I wouldn't have quit :o)


yay or nay? idk how I feel about it yet, all I know is it better have some kick-ass games/features before I buy it.

"twiggy is the man. except for her starting the whole let's be thin thing....
I think it's called anorexia or something?" -_- gtfo.


bahhh I love these:


XBOX has full body control, without a fucking controller

<---- ill nasty. 58 mpg? put your vee dub up?

this concept is great. [Ruven Afanador]