It's Official.

No more, oh you're in high school.... ::condescending stare:: :D
Now I'm just waiting for the nostalgic feeling to kick in.
Prom's tmrw, well tonight technically. I still don't know what heels to wear. w/e yo.
right now I'm just focusing on having fun, getting in to trouble.
RE-LAX take it eaaaaaasssay. <-- MIKA. I am jubilant though :o)

I want her jacket!

this shirt is d0pe.

Futura, marry me. FLOM baby.


xbox customs :

yes the X's light up.

Oh Drizzy.....

I'm enraged that I'll be missing the show tonight......after party though?
hop off him.

he can do much better than her --->



if you go to USC, these are for YOU!

these "heels" cost over a

this drawing is amazing.

this doesn't actually smell half bad.

trust and believe my kid will have a killer style

Kelis be preggo yo

WHY ARE YOU SO PARANOID?! hahaha don't be

Mishka's new collection , love it.

I love this look on guys, idk why. artist? you don't have to literally be good at everything

Terminator status...

pass the salt and pepper batteries please

life's more fun when you're a super hero!

life's also more fun if your biz cards can be turned into fun objects like cardapults

photoshop much? Reese has 2813 different noses.
it's a shame that our nation focuses on perfection.

polaroid!!!!!gimme gimme gimme.

uh contacts for the blind?

You can have the key to my heart:

this is ill.

piggybank, FAIL.

that will hold like 10 bucks
monopoly !!!! recession edition that is


cept for the weird ones they look delish


who needs a G1 when you can get a G2!!!!!!!

100Mbps Comcast Coming Soon?

please hurry the hell up FUCKcast.
hey look a bunny! (o:3

I'll be sleeping in this if you need me ;)