Baby you can get it all.

Okay first off, it is not attractive when guys say that they could be with anyone in the world but they chose you. wtf? If you could in fact be with "anyone" then go be with them, it sounds like you're settling for something less, and that we [women] are lucky, to be with you, other way around.

I kind of like these:

There's very little time left until Friday and I feel like I'm just being dragged around by the string of it all. I'm close to the event but I can't really control it, nor can I avoid it, ya smell me?

I remember when I used to write in these:

Sophia Bush <--- hot, not to mention her heels <--- killer.


Balmain: via J&J

(443): party was madd awkward.. it was like every person who i sat next to in high school and never said hi to was there

well if you're ever in the woods and you need a flashlight, maybe you should invest in this, because it can apparently be recharged using...urine?

let's go play pool! I wish I was a pool shark, I'd hustle a bunch of people out of their monies =)
like this kid:

this is by far the oddest car I have ever seen.

I know you guys are familiar with TP that has weird images on it, but the author of the horror story turned movie: THE RING: has written an entire novel on toilet paper, the funny thing is that the setting of the new story takes place in a bathroom, that's pretty intense, I wish I could read Japanese, I'd buy it, then you could literally .....
scare yourself shitless.

Miller Pride, good choice.

I'm not quite sure what the point of a camera is on an iPod...

hopefully SJobs won't consider this terribad idea.
now a mac tablet that seems a bit more reasonable

ew. JB wth?

well aside from these ^ icantfuckingwait for the TBIIIs to come out.

I'm not personally a fan of tongue piercings, but she makes them look hot.


wit a little bit a gold and pagerrrr

this cover was made using an app on the iPhone...-_-
who has this much time on their hands

maybe I'll invest in one of these.....for 500.00 how could you possibly go wrong?

Nam is my hero.

Do you play me for a fool?

To each is their own:

and remember