Sorry I haven't had the chance to update, I've been busy. but I'll try my best to keep this going!
Now that senior year has officially come to an end, well as far as classes together go, I've began to realize that the time we have together is quite limited. At least we can run together =)

Yahoo Search FAIL.

It's too BIG, it's too WIDE....
haha oh Beyonce, I like the remix obviously, but they haven't done a collaboration for a video yet, so until then you'll have to deal with this.

I like this shirt , it's the pockets...

I don't like bright colors...neon...no thanks.

I mean that trend was left in its respective decade for a reason.

sexual innuendos anyone?

what's better than cupcakes?...cupcakes with...ninjas!

if my mom made me peanut butter and jelly like this I'd eat it.

and the reason why I didn't say PB&J was to avoid the "penis balls and jizz" references that my cousins love to make...sick bastards...

I love my friends advice but ....

this would have been extremely helpful, seeing as today when I left my house I was greeted by hail, and flash floods -_-
this bad boy can withstand 70 mph winds.

to avoid this :

JB's looking up ...finally.

this hat makes me smile

I really don't like MOB. This necklace only pushes me farther away...

let's play some fucking scrabble

if my parents had only bought me one of these when I was three, I'd be the badest bitch on the playground.

Lions, tigers, bears, on my riiiiide.
Teriyaki Boyz ...toys?


yes that's a meat grinder, yes his hand is in it, no I will not post the end result.

recycled urine....no thanks NASA

I love this girl, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon ftw.

not to mention memoirs of a geisha, another one of my favorites.

Khakis are in...apparently. I personally loathe them but on guys they look good.

I need the dress she has on.

this video is rad, the song ...ehh I'm getting tired of it.

Day N Nite from Euna Kho on Vimeo.

eg: tryhards:

This ad makes me want to buy this camera...that and it also gives me the urge to get some ice and a soda.


oh yeah Ed too.

the song is dumb, but at least they're hot, so it's okay, according to Robert.

I need this wallet in my life

I love art like this: