two days left...

this post will be short due to my lack of sleep, and desire to obtain as much as possible before the heat hits. I hate falling asleep cool and comfortable and waking up, whether it be in the middle of the night, or in the morning sweating balls.

I need these :

these scream sexy:sporty.

wtf is she wearing, I swear this chick is crazy.

Well if you ever want to blind someone, or just like laser pointers buy this:

apparently this thing can go pretty damn far.

this is probably the stupidest laptop I have seen...who ever thought of this should be shot -_-

"From Apple's support pages, a warning about potential static electricity buildup in earbuds, in which Apple has been reduced to explaining basic physics to its customers."

to be honest, I've actually had this happen to me, I shocked the ish out of myself.

despite bad reviews <--- which I never take seriously anyway, I'm considering this movie:

Movie critics are baddies and that's all there is to it.


this chair is fucking baddass.

ok I'll step it up next post. Promise.