Three, it's the magic number, yes it is.

3 left until I'm free.ecstatic.jubilant.sad.anxious,nervous.nostalgic.
De La Soul is the shit. nuff sed.
maybe they use this?

do bem™ - Suco de Laranja 100% fruta (MPC de torradas) from do bem on Vimeo.

One two three four, I declare a thumb war.

Note to self: don't let multiple people talking at once bother you.
I often feel like this when more than two people are talking to me.

So those who are in my family, know that I HATE bugs. I detest,loathe,despise them.
and to even think of a bug this big is unreal.

courtesy of Jess, I have now found the solution to boring lectures on things that I no longer care about =)

(508): Bro, I met the coolest hottest chick tonight and she has the hottest friends.
(617): Where are you?
(508): Strip Club

LMFAO quesadilla police!
(810): Jon just got arrested by the quesadilla police
(616): What?!?
(810): What I actually meant, is I had a quesadilla, and Jon got arrested by the real police

(540): what do you have against ST
^^^ roflcopter!

Oh and just a valid point Star Wars would straight murder Star Trek in a battle. I mean seriously, Yoda alone could murk half the crew.
Chance to fight, they have not.

Speaking of SW I like this shirt.
I also eat droids for breakfast.

I think I'm gunna go see this !

This shirt is pretty dope, but only 40 exist WTFz0rs.

also, if you're Black and a Hipster you're a ...Blipster? wth

jesus what is this world coming to...smh.



I really like Kid Sister, be tee dubs.

how materialistic could you possibly be? rawr @ BBC for these.

LOVE this sweatshirt , oh yeah her too ;)

put your Vee Dub up: this commercial is a tad bit odd, no wonder it was banned

well I hope my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-really fucking great-grandkids will pass the story on, because apparently this story will not be revealed for a thousand, count em, a thousand years. There's a "special" ink that only reveals one word per year -_-

so if you're an instant-gratification person. you're pretty much fucked.

and if you're like me and you play video games too much, make sure that you prevent your house from acquiring one of these---> it allows your parents to control how long your power is on for, good luck beating final fantasy now.

Mario's on drugs.....? give me this shirt kthx.


Fast food snkrs?

maybe Nike should follow through with this concept, I bet they'd make a shit ton of moolah

you all know I love donuts, but I think this guy might love them just a tad bit more...

I have a neurology project to do, thank God I didn't do it on MRI's

I can't get enough of people shitting on the Snuggie haha

lmfao and ShamWows.

this guys is a fucking G, look how big that fish is!!!!

bet he could use one of these:
and look at this FROG!

somebody call 911.... you know the rest. but imagine if this showed up:

I hope the seatbelts look like this on the inside of that =)

grammar Nazi!!!!!! I kind of am at times, not even gunna lie.
Like this don't pissed you off? -_-

Oh great, now you can look like a tool AND protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

I hate when people say No Homo -_- especially to those of the opposite sex, gah!

I hope it doesn't rain this week, or else I'm going to Japan and buying this....naht

Caution you will need these :

to watch this:

CORTNEY TIDWELL - WATUSII from Daniel Franke on Vimeo.

So I tried to do this trick...I R FAIL.

EMBED-Staggering Sight - Watch more free videos

My feeble attempt...