Skip-It [Senior]

Senior Skip Day take two.
Unfortunately the weather was crappy, so no beach this time, but not to worry we're officially out this Friday =)
Senior Prank? <--- fell through thanks to a MassHole of an administrator Mr. Richards, bastard...major props to those who came up with the idea and those who carried [tried to] it out. But I was not getting to the school at 6 =/
hundreds of dollars worth of cups...only one thing to do with the cups now...hehe
check it out: hallway filled with red solos


I'm on the fence about the whole men holding our purses issue. Obviously if I need you to hold something, expect it's for a good reason and won't be for long, now if I asked you to carry something, that's a different story. I usually don't ask guys to carry anything for me, just hold stuff , max - 2 mins. Clearly Tom has a different outlook on the whole situation.

ABSOLUT-LY certain.

"It always seems like they're [guys] never good enough for you...."
maybe there's truth in that, but it could also be a combination of things.
avoid feeling like this :

I'm sick of hearing about this girl
stick to Country, that is all.


waiting for this...

can't afford your dream house? Get it on a ring!

I have a passion for Mos Def. I also love this movie:

look at the freaken detail on these drawings, not to mention he uses my favorite medium. pencil.

Brian Walker is a genius:

so is Bilfield!

Hannes Broecker - Drink Away The Art
his idea was to fill the cubes with cocktails and have the viewers drink the art , sign me up.

this guy is nuts, really Steve, with a Toyota?

I've also realized that,

, so....

watch this please.