I detest raisins in my oatmeal cookies, oatmeal chocolate-chip ALL the F-ING way lol.

thanks for the heads up on the shirt Manda, I love and miss you.

Tee hee Plant Man!!!!!!!!!

I really wish I had this chair in my room, it's part cardboard box part.....leather chair, and together they make a kick ass place to rest your bones.

Not to mention once I snag my own place I'll be getting these lamps, although the idea of having a light bulb that emits a great magnitude of heat, surrounded by paper seems a bit foolish, the designs are phenominal.

Since I clearly can't afford this car...[Maclaren]

Maybe I'll invest in this cool car simulator, that simulates driving at high speeds, the closest I'm gunna get for a while anyway. sadface.
"The thing comes loaded with a 6-axis motion unit for shaking your chair all over the place as well as blue LED illumination just for looking cool. You can customize your setup with various screens, and it all looks very expensive, as tends to be the case with things like this."

I mean I love tennis but seriously.... how much attention do you need while walking down the street, because the amount that you're going to attract with these bad boys is sky-high.

I tend to reference Tina Turner a lot in my every day life, so I thought a recent photo of her would be appropriate. I often say things such as: "[insert clear lie here], yeah and I'm Tina Turner". So thank you Tina, I'm rollin' , not on a river though...

If I ever saw someone with this shirt on I'd have to strongly resist the urge to stab them with a blunt object. I mean stuff that parades how "cool" you thanks ,these shirts are in the same failboat as Victoria Secret's PINK line.

Now the rest of the line I DO like!

hehehehe ---->

If only there wasn't the mother-loving Swine Flu. rawr.
My friend spit this line for me the other day, it's terrible but I couldn't help but chuckle, sue me.
" blame it on the flu, gotchu feelin' blue,
blame it on the swine, gotchu feelin' blind,
blame it on the meh-meh-meh-meh-meh-mex-i-cans"
terrible I know, I mean it's not entirely there fault. I keeeeed it's not at all, blame Bush.
Well if my family would let me travel there, trust and believe I would be here:

Hotel Boutique La Purificadora, Mexico

Since we're on hot topics, Eva Mendes anyone?

Despite there only being 6 5 days left I still feel like I'll miss everything, despite my dying passion to LEAVE.


I miss you, but you threw it all away.

Really, I love you all for reading :o) hopefully once Summer truly hits, things will be exponentially more interesting and my posts will entice you just a tad bit more ;)
until then I...