So apparently people like to "scar" themselves, there are places you can go that will create minor cuts/abrasions on your skin to create patterns and such...weird...

Yeah not a fan of the yellow.....

I also just realized that Rihanna isn't wearing a necklace...she's wearing conjoined earrings that give the mere illusion of a necklace.

that is a pretty true statement. Mini Jet Puffed FTW.

this is my kinda soap!

Now if I depended on biking as a mode of transportation, I would definitely invest my monies in one of these bad boys, so I could multi-task to the fullest.

I mean it's called the bikefast for crying out loud.

So apparently people have decided to make their most prized possessions look old, and decrepit so that others will avoid them at all costs, not only does this idea apply to cameras, but to bikes and........ sandwiches?

I love the Frou Frou

This makes me want to drive....really, really, really, fast.

I hate longchampLongSHLONG bags lol. meh I mean if you're gunna blow that much money on a bag why isn't it made of gold or something -_- then again I waste just as much money on items that are seen as ridiculous as well, but that's just my personal opinion on them, sue me.

Coco scares me....

Like is it safe to have a chest that big? I'd sit next to her on a plane, that's fersure. Psh if there was a crash over a body of water, I'd be set =)

oh word, Kate Moss? in Vogue [uk]

undefeated X eminem

I like this hoodie....

not too shaby...

That's messed up Nikon....

I'd get the violet one.

I hope my baby is this smart!

work goes by extremely slow, I loathe it.