Do not speak- unless it improves on silence.

I'm loving the summer, but this weather blows.

But on the upside because it sucks so much, I'll have plenty of time to play

I swear I really do have a vagina, I just like videogames =P

Need to stay organized?

this concept is sick, I'd like it more if the rows were all connected and I could use it to hold my clothes.... but hey this works too
twofer? I mean I'd personally just buy both a sofa and a pool table but if you're trying to minimize space this seems like a ...good idea? maybe?


come on Barbie let's go Barbie! naht. Okay when I was little I admit to having played with them, but now I just find them to be annoying and unrealistic.

my kinda table :o)

this is kind of a sick concept but I like it

solid crystal handbags? uhhhhh impractical much? although they do look pretty cool.

I'm still considering the 3GS but this case seems to be helping my OG's case out =)

you'll never have to change the fish tank again!

the dirty water gets pumped into the "garden" then filtered down through the sand, thus the nitrated <--- is that a word? water gets put back into the tank! voila

BACK TO THE FUTURE!!!!!!!! HAT??!!!!!

fucks yeah!

uh.... what happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas?

Robbie Cooper's O-Face

BLASPHEMY WOMAN! you can't have CB and Drake. gahhh

meh everyone's breaking up Ush too

BALMAIN ow owwwwww courtesy of J&J

I've considered this concept from R&P, not sure if I'll partake but I like the jeans and hoodie!

Oh Cassie...

Kim in Ocean Mag:

This is one of my favorite scents from there, also MAC is having a sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks. but no thanks.

this is fucking dope!


10deeps lookbook!

idk how I feel about the nothavingaswoosh thing. but hey to each is their own.

I LOST MY RING [double finger], I know I suck, thank god I bought another one as soon as I got home, also I love this ring =)

Mr. Solo Dolo is taking off. He looks great in this pic.


these decks are sick too bad I R FAIL at skating , I've tried believe me.

DTRT: Do The RIGHT Thing

I fucking love that shirt on the right. It's a must have for me. MIGHTY HEALTHY FTW.

Minty Phresh


I don't even like Oakley's but I do love purple.

Goodjob KFC? naht.

uhhh this is sick, I'd stack sooooo many scoops with this!

this on the other hand.......wtfz0rs?

C is for COOKIE !!!!!!!!!

don't be so obtuse! live a little!