Tell Me What You Want From Me.

Take a look at what you see.
Let me know if this right here.
Is something you can have for years.
Sorry I was listening to this when I started this post hehe.

Well I personally am deathly afraid of tornadoes although they do look like they'd be a fun thing to have at my disposal, I've seen the aftermath firsthand and it's not pretty. Scientists have created tornado simulators? as if they don't know what happens -_-

I'm fucking sick of hearing BOOM BOOM POW. listen to this instead people.

I wish it rained today, so I could've pulled this badboy out.

Gaming is a real sport obvi.


I guess this is for every Whine-O's fantasy, you can now get inebriated in style?

Eva in GQ Mexico : ooo la la

Suzy Oliveira , I like this concept

This breakfast is YUGEEEEE.
10 eggs, 10 bacon, 10 sausage, 10 toast, 5 black puddings, tomatoes, beans and mushrooms.

Uh so apparently people find hot dogs with spaghetti in it appetizing -_-.

I know I posted about this a while back but I can't get over how incredibly revolting this is...I mean honestly CHICKEN IN A CAN?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?

I love bacon...but this is taking it TOO far:
man wraps this burrito in bacon then...deep fries

oh yeah this is too <-- REVOLTING

This keyboard is fucking sicknasty [one word] you can place your keys where ever the hell you want! it's great. Ever gamers dream right here =) 1337.

This looks freaken painful man

Apparently this is the fastest BMW on earth...and the makers believe it's the fastest COUPE ON EARTH lmfao, hogwash.

These chucks are dope!

reason number 198371278312678931 on why I detest Abercrombie and FitchBitch.
"When Riam applied to the store, they took a photograph of her and gave her a handbook that listed the company's expectations, as far as physical appearance goes. According to the Daily Mail, the handbook "stipulates that staff must represent a 'natural, classic American style' and instructs them on everything from how to wear their hair (clean and natural) to how long they should wear their nails (a quarter of an inch past the end of the finger)." Apparently, Riam's prosthetic arm wasn't "natural" or "classic" enough for the store- they made her buy a cardigan to wear in order to hide her arms while working.
"A worker from what they call the "visual team", people who are employed to go round making sure the shop and its staff look up to scratch, came up to me and demanded I take the cardigan off. I told her, yet again, that I had been given special permission to wear it. A few minutes later my manager came over to me and said: "I can't have you on the shop floor as you are breaking the Look Policy. Go to the stockroom immediately and I'll get someone to replace you" they managed to sew underwires into aluminum foil is beyond me.

Times like these, I friggen love my heritage.
CHINA PRIDE BABY I mean loooook at this slogan<--- pure genius "Such tragedy could have been easily avoided."

All the time....

this gelato looks afuckingmazing.
and to those who think I should censor myself....
stfugtfokthxbye (o:3

I hate psycho girls/women/females, I mean guys are crazy too but for some reason girls are just INSANE. I mean for one they take things to the head, and are irrational half the time, which is why I cannot deal with most of them, sorry =/ but it's true and you know it. No I'm not a woman hater, and no I'm not a lesbian I just simply believe that women cannot get along well with other women very easily.

I sleep on my side too, cept clothed...