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Another gloomy day in Boston, what else is new, I mean I've gotten used to the rain and all but as soon as you think we're gunna get some nice weather, look who decides to show up again -_-.

So today I pretty much had an epiphany, well my friend Kristen did, we should open up a store when we're older. I totally agree, geared towards urban fashion and designed to stock small sizes just for women, I mean that's a nifty idea no? then again these ideas cost a shit-ton-a money and many sleepless nights, but I can see it all being worth it one day. Any-who, perhaps I should take my lazy ass out of my room, and do something productive today, although it IS my day off. Meh`
I still need to go school shopping, and I need to have lunch with my roomie, the never-ending to-do list is baffling. Sorry for the rant.

Moving on to the goods:

this video should make you crack a smile , I laughed but hey , that's just me.
The Voice - watch more funny videos

I plan on buying something from starfucks soon just so I can do this to one of their cups lmfao. remember kids, starbucksfucks you in the ass every time you go in there. Unless of course you're one of those people who actually like it, more power to you.

What up, ME FIRST!

You guys know how I love to find interesting things share them with you and what-not anyways I posted something about cool looking cakes a while back but these caught my eye hahah

I might have to pick a few of these up, they're called lip tars, they have the power of lipstick in a gloss, they're high pigmented yadadamean.

I freaken love these, they dry really quick which is good, but I always like to wait extra so that I don't smudge :o)

So I saw Public Enemies in Chicago, if you haven't seen it GO SEE IT.

he looks divine here.

I love these photos of CBale.

Artist Nikolai. I love the ones with the animals, and the contrast.

NIKE lookbook. for those that care.
oh my.

yayyyyyy ginham!


So I can hang this!

Now this watch looks sick but how the fuck do you know what time it is?!??!

I love a guy with a nice watch, I'm not really sure why...

I feel like it SHOULD be sunny out but the rain killed it =(

dude this is AWESOME!!!! when I go grocery shopping I'm SO gunna buy one of these bad boys.

It's a dome farm, apparently by 2050 eighty percent of us will be living in cities, I mean I LOVE the city so that's fine with me, granted I live that long, but it does make you think about how the hell we're gunna get food and whatnot. I wouldn't mind working there tho.

This guy is a fucking nut job, I mean I love thrills and stuffs but THIS is pure insanity.


they can chase this mouse ;)

Oh yeah here's some recent photos: courtesy of my hot photographer friend Hco.

I told you I'd find a high waist skirt!

yeah that's her, she's hot, I know :)

the rain's letting up and with that said I'm outty baby.