I Wanna Do Real Bad Things To You.

I just finished watchin HP6, I cannot wait for the last movie to come out.
blahhhhh. Today was a blast! I got to see one of my closest friends at her graduation party, the cake, by the way, was DELICIOUS. I love cake MmMmMmmmm cake.

I saw a woman being harassed by her boyfriend for not going to the gym enough, personally I think the gym is pointless, then again, it takes me forever to gain weight -_- I have no idea where it all goes, seriously. If I knew I'd tell you, and since this is my blog I can start sentences with IF betch. haha but seriously, anyways, while in Chi-City my cousins and I though it'd be a smashing idea to take advantage of all of the hotels fine facilities. Well let's just say after an hour of intense ab work and calf lifts it was a little painful laughing, and getting out of bed. Therefore I'll go back to just living my life without the gym.

I wish that girlfriend had showed her boyfriend this hat!

carscarscars.fast.fast.fast. need. to. go. I.
yeah that's the exact order of the words that went streaming through my head once I saw these:

as hot as I think everyone thinks Megan Fox is, this movie looks TERRRRRRRRIBAD

I wish I freaken had these.

hey look Super-bama

this picture really makes me wanna go swimming.


I'm sorry but I don't think guys with "man-bags" aka purses for all of those who are horribly confused/gullible. Are not attractive, I mean it's different if it's a laptop bag or a back pack/messenger bag, but a MAN PURSE. GTFO.

Oh yeah so I've started to watch True Blood, and can I just say DO ME. That is all.
If you don't watch this show well then you're missing out. It's got it all in my opinion.

I'm off to work!